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Play Time Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Walking Mesa, Az Gilbert, AZ Gold Canyon, Az

Great Service!

'Playtime Pet Care provides great service!' Dog and Cat Mom - Mesa AZ

Play Time Pet Care Pet Sitter Dog Walking Mesa, AZ Gilbert, AZ Queen Creek, AZ - dog

Very Good Care!

'They took very good care of Brady and Zoey and even cleaned up after them.' Dog Mom - Las Sendas

Plap Time Pet Care Pet Sitter Dog Walker MEsa, Az Gilbert, AZ Gold Canyon, AZ

Visit Updates!

'The updates at every visit put our minds at ease.' Dog and Cat Mom - Mesa AZ

Play Time Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Walking Mesa, Az Gilbert, Az Gold Canyon, AZ

Awesome Experience!

'My experience with Play Time Pet Care was awesome.' Cat Mom - Mesa, AZ

Play Time Pet Care Pet Sitter Dog Walking Mesa, AZ Gilbert, AZ Queen Creek, AZ Parrot

Great First Experience!

'I have never used a pet sitter before and I'm glad that Jenna was my first.' Dog, Cat and Bird Dad - Gilbert AZ 

Our "Go-To" Pet Sitter!

We had Play Time Pet Care watch our "kids" (dachshund, a high maintenance cat, and two bearded dragons) for the first time when we went on a mini-vacation recently. I have to say that we were blown away!

First, Jenna came out to meet the kids and see how our house runs so she would be ready to stay the night and care for them. She was very thorough and asked questions to clarify what she needed to know.

While we were on vacation, we got picture texts with updates once or twice a day letting us know that she was at our house and how the kiddos were doing. This was very much appreciated and made it possible for us to enjoy our vacation without worrying if the kids were okay.

When we got home from our trip, our house was just as we left it. The kids were happy and not spazzing out like they usually do when we leave town. You could tell they really enjoyed their time with Jenna and I don't think they missed us at all! 🙂

This was a wonderful experience and Play Time Pet Care will definitely be our go-to for our pet-sitting needs in the future. We HIGHLY recommend Play Time Pet Care!!! Theresa S. - Queen Creek, AZ

Happy Kitty Owner

My old pet sitter moved out of town and I needed to find a new one. I found Play Time Pet Care through Angie's list and gave Jenna a call. She responded right away and I set myself up with a meet and greet with Starla. Starla and Jenna were both very professional and excellent with follow up. After meeting Starla I felt very comfortable about leaving my cats in her care and confident about the service in general. I have a few more trips and have Play Time Pet Care all lined up for those. My cats have always hid in the past when the pet sitter arrives, but one of them came out and Starla was able to pet her briefly; that was amazing. I would highly recommend Play Time Pet Care to anyone who is looking for a good, dependable service that will take excellent care of your pets while you are away. Alex, Cat Owner

I felt "at ease!"

Jenna is great! When we lived in AZ, I would always call her for my kitty care needs. One of my cats is very fickle and takes a long time to warm up to people but she liked Jenna and would come out and see her! She also sent pictures to me on each visit which always made me feel more at ease about leaving my kitties when I had to be away!

If you need a petsitter, give Jenna a call!  Michelle D., Santa Ana, CA

I would use their service again!

This was the first time I ever thought about leaving my babies home with a sitter.  I have 4 animals, and one of them is over 12 years old ( we have had him since he was a baby.  So we were concerned about leaving them with strangers.

Play Time Pet Care put me at ease from the first phone call.  Very caring and explaining to me the care and experience that they would provide for my kids.  Then Tami came out to the house and she was so kind and patient with us.  Answering all our questions, and playing with the kids.  She really took the time to get to know them, and suggest care needs that may be needed to make the dogs as comfortable as possible while we were gone.  When she left my house that day I knew my kids would be in good hands.  Safe and sound.

I came home from our 3 day vacation to happy, excited kids.  They seemed to be happy and content with staying at home.   Instead of the stress of traveling in the car, and being on leashes all the time.

I will use their services again.  I am very happy with their services, and their caring love for my pets. M.M. Mesa, AZ

"Picky Pet Parent" Wholeheartedly APPROVES!

Since I found PTPC via Yelp I wanted to make sure I left my $.02 after using their services. And they were *great*. Tami, the pet sitter who cared for my three cats, came to meet them ahead of time and the first thing she did was sit down on the floor to greet the felines. By the end of the first meeting, she even had my most skittish, finicky cat playing with her-- something I have *never* seen that cat do with a stranger. While I was gone, Tami was in contact with me about my cats every day, sending pictures and text messages. She answered my every concern (is Callie eating? Have you seen Widget? etc.)

Jenna, the owner, was wonderfully helpful via emails, as well, and she and Tami helped me take care of my cats an extra two days when winter weather trapped me on the east coast. The website is super easy to use and allows you to be sure all the important information gets not only to your regular pet sitter but also to anyone who might need to take over if something were to happen.

I'm a super picky pet parent and I wholeheartedly approve of PTPC. Ellonway S. Mesa, AZ

Always works with my crazy schedule!

Having used various pet sitting services, I can't recommend Jenna and her crew enough. Highly professional, accountable and she always works with my last minute crazy shift work schedule. I always get check ins which usually come with photographs of my pups to let me know all is well on the home front. I'd never use anyone else! Ashley L., Queen Creek, AZ

We will be using them again!

I have used other pet sitters and was not satisfied, Play Time Pet Care Rocks! Jenna and Melissa came over to meet me and my pets beforehand and was able to accommodate us with very short notice. They sent me pics and texts of my babies which made me feel better knowing they were happy and ok. And my house wasn't a mess and was exactly how we left it! We will be using them again. Lindsey O., Gilbert, AZ

I'm so happy with Play Time Pet Care

I'm so happy with Play Time Pet Care! One of my dogs has special needs, and they went above and beyond to ensure he was well cared for and that they understood all of his medications, feeding strategies, etc. Jenna, the owner, is wonderful with communicating with her clients and she obviously enjoys what she does. Our caregiver, Patty, was super sweet and really did go above and beyond. To give examples: 1) we received photos of our dogs during every visit. 2) We lost the TV remote before leaving and I was really worried about leaving my pups without any background noise on 4th of July. Patty did everything she could to troubleshoot and we eventually got the radio going on the computer. 3) My sister-in-law stopped by the apartment and I forgot to inform Patty. When Patty came for her visit, she noticed some things out of place and immediately informed me, including pictures of the shifted items, in case there was an unauthorized entry into the apartment. Overall, I highly recommend this company!!! - Brandy M.

Thanks for the Peace of Mind!

My wife and I went on a 10 day cruise, and we were anxious to be away from our pup for so long. We found Play Time Pet Care to baby sit a few days in advance of our trip, and it was truly a blessing. Jenna took such good care of our pup while we were away that we were able to enjoy the vacation with complete peace of mind. We received an update every day of his smiling face, and it looked like he was having even more than if we were home. :). Thanks Jenna and Play Time Pet Care for taking such great care of our little guy and providing us with invaluable peace of mind. We highly recommend others use this great service! - Matt H.


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