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I don’t want to use this article as a way to express my opinions on the health care system one way or the other.  Rather, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss how pet sitting compares to healthcare in it’s new state once Obamacare takes hold.

It is inevitable that we will see some changes in our healthcare system.  One change, which will be a big one, is that we may see physicians NOT participate in taking insurance.  Why would a physician drop out of the insurance game?  There are several reasons:

1.  They won’t need as much overhead in the office to process claims.  Which means more money in their pocket.

2.  They will be able to provide better service to their patients.  By not having a revolving door of patients to satisfy their monetary goals, they will have more time to spend with each patient, getting to know them and their history.

3.  Patients will receive quality care, rather than just being another chart to review.  (Quality vs Quantity)

What does this mean to the patient?

You may pay a little more going the private pay route (say a $75 visit rather than a $35 co-pay), but, you will get better service.

As a patient, you will receive personal care from your physician rather than being just another chart that is reviewed 5 minutes before the doctor sees you.

Doesn’t that sound so much better than being involved in a revolving door of no names?

How does this compare to pet sitting?

When you hire a professional pet sitter your pets will receive one on one attention from their petsitter.

Quality vs Quantity.  Hiring a professional petsitter may cost more than taking your dog to boarding, but that’s because boarding facilities can take in hundreds of dogs at one time, therefore allowing them to charge less for your pet’s care.  (Sound familiar to healthcare?)

The cost of pet sitting

When looking for a service provider and comparing the cost of each you must keep in mind how the business operates.  Are they a sole proprietor with no employees?  You may pay less for the sole proprietor, but that one person has to do at least 15 visits per day to make any money.  Do you think that ONE person can provide quality care to your pets when they are worried about making it to the next one?  Do you think that maybe they are cutting your pet’s visits short so they can squeeze in one more visit?  Maybe, maybe not…but certainly something to consider.  (See how this can compare to healthcare?  Push`em in, get`em out.)

If you are concerned about the quality of care your pet is receiving while you are away, it will be beneficial to go with the company that charges a little more, has staff on hand that is able to spend quality time with your pet and isn’t just running from one place to another, checking their chart just before they walk in the door.

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