How To Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween – A Pet Sitter’s Guide

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As a pet sitter in Mesa AZ, we hear about a lot of pets getting lost on and around Halloween.  With little goblins knocking on our doors and ringing the door bells our pet’s are on high alert to begin with.  Then add in opening the door and being distracted by the SCARY costumes, this could add up to a pet breaking out and getting lost.  Follow these simple suggestions on how to keep your pets safe on Halloween to ensure fun for the entire family.

#1 To Dress Up Your Pet or Not To Dress Up Your Pet

If your pet is used to being dressed up then it’s okay to have them wear a costume for Halloween.  Just be sure it is loose enough for them to move around comfortably.  If they show signs they aren’t having a great time, take the costume off.

If your pet isn’t used to being dressed up and is resistant to wearing a costume, it is best left alone.

#2 Handling The Crazy Costumed Guests At The Door

It is common for pets to view people as scary monsters.  So…having ACTUAL scary monsters come to the door can be MUCH more frightening.  During the time that you are expecting gools and goblins to demand candy at your door, you may consider confining your pets to a safe area of the home where they don’t have access to the front door.  My husband and I sit outside on our porch and hand out candy so our pets don’t get freaked out by the door bell each time it rings.

It’s not a bad idea to have your pets outside with you joining in on the fun. Just be sure to have them leashed, wearing their ID’s and/or micro chipped.

#3 Toxins That Can Make Your Pet Sick

Keep your pets away from all your sweet loot.  Check out this list of toxic food for your pets.  Other costume related items that you need to keep your pet away from are:

Glow Sticks


Fake Hair

Any accessories that your pet may eat

What other suggestions do YOU have for keeping our pets safe on Halloween?

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