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Arizona summer months can be brutal to our furry friends.  The heat index can rise to 122 degrees and higher.  A heat advisory is issued when temperatures are expected to raise well above the norm.

Keep Your Pets InsideDid you know that a dog can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke in temperatures like this?  This can happen on a walk or even in your own backyard.  As a pet sitter I advise all my clients to keep their pets inside when it starts getting hot outside and to leave their pets at home rather than bringing them along for a car ride. The inside of a car can heat up quickly leaving your pet defenseless and subject to heat stroke.

Some signs of heat stroke are:

  Rapid Breathing

  Heavy Panting



  Muscle Tremor


Dog breeds that don’t like heat:

  Overweight dogs

  Elderly dogs




  Boston Terriers

  Lhasa Apsos

  Shih Tzus

  And any other snub nosed dog breed

If you have any of the above listed breeds you should really keep them inside all the time and let them bask in the glory of the air conditioning.  This is the environment they will do best in.

If you don’t have a doggy door it can sometimes be difficult to leave your pet(s) inside for long periods while you are at work.  It can also be stressful for a dog that needs to relieve themselves but are unable to.

Play Time Pet Care offers doggy potty breaks, or, mid – day visits, which will alleviate the stress from your dog as well as the guilt you may be feeling by leaving him inside all day. Not only do you get a personal pet sitter that will let your dog out in the middle of the day, she will also play with and love your dog while she is there, making your pet a little calmer when you arrive home.

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