Meet the Pet Sitters

Play Time Pet Care has elite, top quality pet sitters trusted to care for your pets as if they were their own!

Our hiring process is a rigorous one.  We don’t hire just anyone.  There is a 3 step process, one of which being a working interview where the potential sitter shadows the owner on a couple visits so we can see how they react in several different situations.  Before the working interview, applicants are background checked against the national criminal database.  We have several roadblocks in place to make sure they can follow precise instructions and are able to pay attention to details.

All sitters are placed on a 90 day probation.  During their probation their work is checked on and drive-bys are done at odd hours of the night to make sure they are where they need to be (when doing overnights and live ins). Every sitter goes through a thorough national criminal database background check.  We look for past criminal activity and driving records, not only in Arizona, but anywhere they have ever lived before.  If there are any flags on the background check, they do not get hired.

Also, Play Time Pet Care is insured and bonded.  The sitters that work with us are covered under our insurance and bonding.  Insurance will cover anything that happens to your pet in the case of neglect by our sitters.  Bonding will cover anything that is “mysteriously” missing from your home.  Another question you may be asking yourself is “Have you ever had to utilize your insurance or bonding?”  The answer is NO.

Finally, our staff has been trained with the Force-Free techniques endorsed by the Association for Force-Free Professionals of the mission “No Pain, No Force, No Fear.” We are a proud member of the guild.

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