Jenna Trethewey, Owner ‘AKA’ Aunt Jenna

I am a native Arizonan and have had pets all my life. The unconditional love and general happy nature of animals is what puts a smile on my face. More often than not you will find me sitting on the floor cuddling with my dogs. My three dogs are my kids and a huge part of my family.

A trip to Hawaii is what helped me decide to care for pets on a full time basis. My father in law stayed with my dogs while my husband and I were away for 10 days. This was the first vacation where I was not stressed or worried about my dogs. When we got back home I just knew I had to let other people know they could go away and not worry about their pets. I believe it is less stressful for the furry family member to stay in their familiar environment and continue to stick to their daily routine as much as possible while mom and dad are away.

I’ve used the services of kennels in the past because I thought that was the only choice I had. When I picked my dogs up from the kennel I could see in their faces that they were stressing the entire time they were there. The second time I took them to the kennel, I couldn’t get them to go through the door. At that time I knew I had to find an alternative. Even if the pet sitter came twice a day, for a short while, my dogs were so much happier to stay home and have someone visit, than to go and stay somewhere else.

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