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This week (March 3rd – 9th) is National Professional Pet Sitters week.  In honor of all our hard working pet sitters we are highlighting each one in an effort to give them their own day to shine.

Today’s highlight goes to Melissa Lindsey!

Melissa has been with Play Time Pet Care for over a year.  She is fearless when it comes to working with animals.  After all, she is also a groomer.  It is safe to say she has experienced it all…even getting bit by a cat!  Melissa has an extensive background in volunteering at shelters, caring for a variety of animals including horses.

Melissa has a beautiful little girl at home that is her pride and joy.  I should qualify that statement by saying she is a human little girl ?  She also has several dogs of her own and even fostered one of our client’s dogs because he was moving to Hawaii and didn’t think little Buttons could handle the strict quarantine rules.  She gave Buttons a wonderful life until the end.  Buttons was an old mini Schnauzer who had limited time in this world when Melissa agreed to take her in.

Due to Melissa’s extensive experience with handling pets in various scenarios I have all the confidence in the world in her ability to handle even the toughest pet.  She does great with shy and fearful dogs, as a matter of fact, she loves to groom the “trouble” dogs.  It seems they sense her calmness and tend to settle in quickly with her.

Melissa is a blessing to have as a part of our team.  Her day job as a groomer limits her to daily visits and the occasional overnight, but we love her!  If you recognize Melissa as your primary pet sitter, leave a kind word below to show her how much you appreciate her and all she does for you.

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