National Professional Pet Sitters Week Highlight – Starla Clark

This week (March 3rd – 9th) is National Professional Pet Sitters week.  In honor of all our FABULOUS pet sitters we are highlighting each one in an effort to give them a day to shine.

Today’s highlight goes to Starla Clark!

Starla has been with Play Time Pet Care for over a year.  Her extensive background as a vet tech is invaluable to our team.  She has since “retired”, however, I would NEVER put Starla in the typical retired category.  She is full of life and vigor and LOVES our client’s pets.  She goes above and beyond to ensure each pet is happy, healthy and properly cared for.

Starla does quite a bit of travel between her home in North Mesa and her “other” home in Washington.  We tease her because she will occasional book a one way ticket and we are all afraid she won’t come back ?  However, we all know she couldn’t live without her husband and three dogs, so we KNOW she is always coming back ?

Starla’s attention to detail makes her the perfect pet sitter for the concerned pet parent.  Starla’s daily updates put her client’s at ease in no time.  She has been known to leave little thank you cards behind for her first time clients.  Her care and concern for the health and safety of our client’s pets makes if very easy to assign her to most any client.

Starla is a blessing to have as a part of our team (I know…I know, I’ve said that about everyone…BUT IT’S TRUE).  If you recognize Starla as your primary pet sitter, leave her a kind word below to show her how much you appreciate all her hard work and unconditional love.

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