Pet Sitter Puppy Care

Why hire a pet sitter for your puppy?

  • Puppies are pretty intense.
  • They require a lot of care and obedience training.
  • They should NOT be left in a crate for 8-12 hours per day.

Puppy’s are pretty intense. They require a lot of care and obedience training from the time you bring them home until they are potty trained and understand what is right and wrong. This could take up to a year of continuously working with them.Crate training is a good way to save your belongings and your carpet from a puppy’s destructive path. However, puppies should not be left in a crate for 8 to 12 hours a day while you are at work. Allowing this to happen will make your puppy extremely wound up and shot out of a cannon as soon as you get home. They will be ready to play and ready to play RIGHT NOW!

Puppies should get a break from their crate several times a day. The break should consist of outside potty time, chew time, obedience training and play time. Play Time Pet Care can help you stay on top of obedience commands and training by following your training guidelines. If you don’t know how to train your puppy we can suggest a fantastic dog trainer to educate you on how to have a well balanced puppy who will grow up to be a well behaved dog.

We suggest 3-4 visits per day while you are at work. We understand that puppies are a lot of work and their potty breaks aren’t going to be a quick 10 minute visit then back in the crate you go. Puppies get distracted very easily and may not go potty right away.  We will make sure your puppy is worn out and ready for crate time before we leave so they spend their time sleeping when no one is home rather than stressing out over the fact that they are alone.

Why hire a Play Time Pet Care pet sitter?

  • We LOVE puppies!!!
  • We understand that puppies require additional time, care and training.
  • We will follow your training techniques so your puppy doesn’t get confused.
  • When you are ready to take a vacation or need to go out of town, your puppy will already know us and accept us as a part of their family.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today to schedule  your no obligation consultation!



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