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Pet Sitters Who Love Your Pets Like Family!

What do we mean when we say, “Pet sitters who love your pets like family?”

Play Time Pet Care uses this quote in all of our marketing.  Why? What does this mean?

When we say we love your pets like family, we mean, we treat them as if they were our own.  We treat them like they are our children.  When one of our clients isn’t feeling good, or is nervous because mom and dad are gone we take the time to comfort them.  We play games to take their mind off the fact that mom and dad are away.  We do everything in our power to make your pet feel better.  For example:

Scary, Loud Noises

During July 4th celebrations we experience residential fireworks.  Many parents know their pets are very nervous when it comes to loud noises like fireworks or thunder, so they hire our sitters to spend the night with their pets.  Once our overnight service is booked, we can only offer dinner and tuck in visits in the evening.  We reserve one or two sitters to provide dinner and tuck in services during this time so we aren’t taking away from the client’s who purchased our overnight service.  There is only so much we can do during the dinner and tuck in visit since we typically have several clients to visit.  In 2014, we KNEW we had 1 doggy client that was not going to fare well during the active celebrations.  So, the sitter arrived as close to sun down as possible and stayed as late as possible.  Here is an example of how the sitter kept the pet calm during this time:

Working with Illness

Sometimes we are contracted to sit for ill pets.  We have had several occasions where the parents are providing hospice type services at home.  They are called out of state for work and are unable to stay home.  Our sitters come in and care for these pets as if they were their own.  They lay with them, cuddle with them, pet them, tell them they are the best pets ever and sometimes shed tears, knowing the soon to come fate of the pet.

High Maintenance

Hahaha…everyone thinks their pet is high maintenance 🙂  What I mean is…a pet that requires a lot of attention.  Whether they require it because they medically need it or just crave the attention of people.  This is the very reason our visits are not timed. We will spend up to an hour per visit with pets that NEED it unless hourly pet sitting has been purchased which would be a minimum of 2 hours with your pets.  We don’t want to ever leave a pet “wanting more”.  We do our best to exhaust our welcome :).  If your pet is used to having someone home all day and night, we do recommend our overnight or live in service so we can provide as much attention as they are used to.

Mesa Dog Sitter Says Time Shouldn’t Matter

Do you think how much time your Mesa dog sitter spends with your pet is important?  This Mesa dog sitter explains why TIME isn’t important.

For Mesa dog sitter and owner of Play Time Pet Care, Jenna Trethewey, time spent with our furry clients shouldn’t be a factor in determining      quality pet care.  We are often asked how much time we spend with our client’s pets.  The answer is…it depends.  It depends on your pet and  what  their needs are.  They tell us how long we need to be there.  For us…what matters is what we do with the time we are with your dogs.

THE UNTIMED VISITS are the quality visits your pets are looking for.  You spend the same amount of money if we are there for 30 minutes or  50 minutes.  Why would we be there so long?

          • We can tell your dog is missing you and needs extra attention and cuddle time

          • We noticed your dog has some watery poop, we stick around to calm their nerves

          • Your dog is a finicky eater when you are away…we spend extra time hand feeding your dog

          • Your dog is used to a 20 minute walk every day, along with mealtime and cuddle time

          • Your dog has extra energy and wants to play longer

Why would our visits be any less than 30 minutes?

  • If a dog is completely not interested in us and shows no interest in getting to know us, there isn’t much of a need to stick around for long periods of time.  We try our best to gain their trust, but have found that shorter, quality visits get us there quicker.

  • If the goal of our visit is to strictly walk the dog, depending on the dog’s energy level and how hot it is outside, those visits might be less than 30 minutes.

We believe that the amount of time spent with our furry clients doesn’t define what quality pet sitting is.  The signs of quality pet sitting are:

  • A happy dog

  • You received quality updates

  • Your pet sitter was easily accessible when you needed them

  • Your dog was relaxed and stress free when you arrived home

Now it’s your turn.  What did you notice the last time you had your pet sitter over that told you your sitter was providing quality services?