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Easter Toxins for Pets

Preparing for Easter with the kids?  Here is how you can keep your pets safe while having fun.

There are several popular Easter toxins lurking around your home:

Chocolate – Caffeinated products such chocolate contain methylxanthines that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors, anxiety, seizures and possibly death.

Easter Lilies – All parts of the Easter lily are poisonous; leaves, petals, stems and even pollen. The smallest amount of pollen on a cat’s fur ingested when the pet grooms or as few as 1-2 leaves are toxic to cats, and can result in severe renal (kidney) failure.

Artificial grass/ Easter basket grass –  If ingested the grass may form into a ball in the stomach or intestines, or may anchor in the stomach and create a linear foreign obstruction as it attempts to pass through the small intestines.

For signs, symptoms and treatment please refer to a recent blog post from our good friends at Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital.

Have a happy and safe Easter!

Pet Sitters Who Love Your Pets Like Family!

What do we mean when we say, “Pet sitters who love your pets like family?”

Play Time Pet Care uses this quote in all of our marketing.  Why? What does this mean?

When we say we love your pets like family, we mean, we treat them as if they were our own.  We treat them like they are our children.  When one of our clients isn’t feeling good, or is nervous because mom and dad are gone we take the time to comfort them.  We play games to take their mind off the fact that mom and dad are away.  We do everything in our power to make your pet feel better.  For example:

Scary, Loud Noises

During July 4th celebrations we experience residential fireworks.  Many parents know their pets are very nervous when it comes to loud noises like fireworks or thunder, so they hire our sitters to spend the night with their pets.  Once our overnight service is booked, we can only offer dinner and tuck in visits in the evening.  We reserve one or two sitters to provide dinner and tuck in services during this time so we aren’t taking away from the client’s who purchased our overnight service.  There is only so much we can do during the dinner and tuck in visit since we typically have several clients to visit.  In 2014, we KNEW we had 1 doggy client that was not going to fare well during the active celebrations.  So, the sitter arrived as close to sun down as possible and stayed as late as possible.  Here is an example of how the sitter kept the pet calm during this time:

Working with Illness

Sometimes we are contracted to sit for ill pets.  We have had several occasions where the parents are providing hospice type services at home.  They are called out of state for work and are unable to stay home.  Our sitters come in and care for these pets as if they were their own.  They lay with them, cuddle with them, pet them, tell them they are the best pets ever and sometimes shed tears, knowing the soon to come fate of the pet.

High Maintenance

Hahaha…everyone thinks their pet is high maintenance 🙂  What I mean is…a pet that requires a lot of attention.  Whether they require it because they medically need it or just crave the attention of people.  This is the very reason our visits are not timed. We will spend up to an hour per visit with pets that NEED it unless hourly pet sitting has been purchased which would be a minimum of 2 hours with your pets.  We don’t want to ever leave a pet “wanting more”.  We do our best to exhaust our welcome :).  If your pet is used to having someone home all day and night, we do recommend our overnight or live in service so we can provide as much attention as they are used to.

Top 4 Reasons a Pet Sitting Company Will Tell You NO

 When Is It Too Late To Book Holiday Pet Sitting?

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It’s November 11th and we are down to the wire for holiday bookings.  Established clients are reminded well in advance to book their pet sitting services ahead of time so they are guaranteed a spot on the calendar.  Waiting until a week, or even, two weeks before a major holiday could mean a pet sitter telling you no.  If you don’t already have a relationship with a pet sitting company, you need to start looking today!  The number 1 phone call we get a week prior to a major holiday is….

My “pet sitter” bailed and I need someone to care for my pets!

We will get this same phone call up to the day BEFORE a major holiday.  It happens every year.  Most often, the “pet sitter” was a friend, family member or neighbor that decided spending time with their own family was more important than watching their friend’s or neighbor’s pet.

If you are able to find a pet sitter with availability you want to be prepared to pay a “late booking” fee.  Let me explain what goes into taking on a NEW client close to major holidays when the schedules are already tight.

1.  The company needs to find a sitter that has availability and is WILLING to sacrifice time away from family they have already planned.

2.  The sitter needs to find time to schedule a meet and greet with the new client in between already scheduled visits.

3.  The company may need to rearrange sitters booked with other clients to accommodate the new client.

4.  All the while rushing to make sure we have all the required information from the new client within a 24 hour period.

Sometimes when we have to turn new clients away, they are frustrated.  I can totally see why that would be frustrating, but it’s not the companies fault that you waited too long to find a professional to care for your pets.  And it’s not the companies problem that your friend bailed.  A common response is, “All I’m asking for is a 30 minute visit.  I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to squeeze us in.”  It’s NOT just a 30 minute visit.  It’s travel time from one visit to the next.  It’s fitting, or not being able to, fit the drive time AND the visit in so we can spend QUALITY time with all our clients within a reasonable time frame.

So to answer the question….Be prepared to meet with a new sitter a MONTH before a major holiday.  Get that relationship established so you aren’t told NO or left having to cancel your plans.