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Tools to carry while hiking

As a pet sitter I often find myself hiking in the mountains.  There are some dangers to be weary of and simple tools to bring with you for a successful hike.  In an older post I described some of the dangers we come across when walking our dogs in the desert and how we prepare ourselves for overcoming these obstacles.

This article will describe some of the tools I always have on me when hiking. 

  1. Water, water and even MORE water! – Too many times have I seen people out hiking with their dogs and they hardly have enough water for themselves, let alone their tired and hot pooch.  Most dogs are are more than willing to go hiking with their parents and will follow, or lead without complaint…sometimes leading to heat exhaustion and death.  So PLEASE…if you bring nothing else, bring lots of water for you and your pooch.

  2. Collapsible Bowl – Bringing a collapsible bowl will help you keep more water than wasting it.  If your dog has never drank out of a collapsible bowl you might want to get him used to it before you go hiking to ensure he won’t snub his nose at it when he really needs it.

  3. Needle Nose Pliers/Tweezers –  No, you won’t be plucking your eyebrows on your hike…but, if Fido gets cactus needles stuck in their fur or pads, you don’t want to be removing them with your fingers…then you’ll get stuck!  I have found that needle nose pliers work great at getting the big needles out and tweezers are great for the finer needles.

  4. Charged Phone – In case you get stuck and can’t get out or if you didn’t bring enough water and Fido is too exhausted to move, you’re gonna need to call for help.

  5. Poop Bags – Feces left behind on a trail are gross!  I don’t want to look at it and my dogs always want to smell it.  Some dogs like ingesting feces from other dogs and that could lead to all kinds of intestinal parasites and disease.  Besides, it’s just plain irresponsible to leave your dogs poop behind.  Be courteous and help keep our natural surrounds beautiful by cleaning up after your pet.

Remember:  Provide your pooch plenty of rest stops so he can drink and cool down.  Nugget’s first hike was an easy one, but we still stopped several times in the shade so he could re-hydrate and rest. 

Why does your east Mesa dog walking company only walk one family at a time?

The image most often thought of when you think of a dog walker is one that looks a lot like this…

Looks a little chaotic doesn’t it?  Maybe a little difficult to manage?  What if you have one dog that likes to sniff everything as they walk and others that like to chase cars, cats or other dogs?  Are you beginning to see how dangerous this type of walking can be?  So much can go wrong so fast.  There is no way the above walker has control of her “pack”.

Now take a look at an example of how your east Mesa dog walking company walks your dog…

We are so much more in control of the situation…AND she’s getting individualized attention and having a great time.

What if you have more than one dog in the household?  As long as the two dogs have similar walking styles your east Mesa dog walking company will walk them at the same time.   For instance…it’s very difficult to walk a miniature poodle and Dalmatian at the same time.  The Dalmatian wants to walk or run and the miniature poodle just doesn’t have the leg length to keep up.

What if you have a breed that is very energetic and needs a bit more than just a walk? Check out the video below to see how we exercise Harvey, a very energetic Pit Bull / Lab mix.

Every dog is different…some may do better with a little after walk play time in the backyard or inside play, running up and down the stairs.  Your east Mesa dog walking experience will be completely unique to YOUR dog and what YOUR dog needs.

Our mid day dog walking season is generally November to May.  Once it is hotter than 85 degrees we stop walking mid day.  We can provide alternatives to mid day walks when it is too hot.

How Do Pet Sitters Make Sure My Dog Gets Exercise When It’s Hot Out

Play Time Pet Care Makes Sure Your Pet Gets Their Exercise
Clients often ask us what we do with their pet in the summer to make sure they still get their exercise when it’s too hot out. This question prompted me to make a short video on how we play with pets when it’s too hot to play outside.

There are some great alternatives to outdoor, traditional, walks. Check it out…

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