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Pet Sitter in Mesa AZ Offers Canine Massage

Dogs young and old can reap the benefits of canine massage.  As pet sitters, we see dogs with hip dysplasia, stiff joints and a limited range of motion.  Canine massage is a branch of massage therapy that promotes health in dogs. Mesa Pet Sitter Offers Canine Massage

Benefits can include helping to relieve pain, helping to make joints more flexible, improving the range of motion, and benefiting the immune system of dogs.  Dogs receiving regular massages are healthier, happier, more willing to accept affection and training. They are more fulfilled dogs.

Through touch, they feel affection and reassurance. Touch provides them a means of processing socialization, support and balance.  Massage increases circulation; it enhances flexibility and improves metabolic efficiency.  The increased circulation that dogs’ bodies receive during any basic full body massage session is equivalent to about a half-hour leisurely walk in the park.  This could be considered another form of exercise!

In addition, canine massage can provide emotional well-being for the animal. Massage therapist often work with animals to calm hyperactivity, anxiousness, and nervousness.  Regular massages can also help the pet parent find masses and lumps and track their size in case of growth.

We have a pet sitter on our team that is trained in performing canine massage.  Canine massage goes hand in hand with canine Reiki.  Does it sound like your pet can benefit from regular massages?

How to prevent dog bites

As a Mesa pet sitter I am  provided with plenty of opportunities to educate pet parents and the general public about how to prevent dog bites when working with shy and fearful dogs. Jenna Trethewey, owner of Play Time Pet Care, says “It’s important to recognize the signs of fear and anxiety in dogs.”

Here are some obvious signs that  a dog is shy or fearful.  Some people may not recognize a dog is fearful or anxious if the dog is exhibiting signs of the slight cower.

Some other signs that aren’t so obvious to the average person that isn’t familiar with dog body language are:

Pet sitting in Mesa has given me plenty of opportunity to observe all of these behaviors. I know that just because a dog is wagging their tail it doesn’t mean it’s happy.  When we are meeting with new dogs we see these behaviors all the time.

Some behaviors that might not make sense:

Get to know dog body language.  It’s a pet parent’s responsibility to know their dog’s behaviors and keep others safe from it.  If you know your dog is food aggressive, keep kids away from their food dish.  If you know your dog is shy and fearful around new people, consult with a professional dog trainer to learn ways to help your dog feel less anxious and how to teach others how to approach, or not approach, your dog.

For more information on dog body language and bite prevention contact us at 480-292-9735 or via email at jenna@PlayTimePetCareAZ.com.

Green Cleaning For Your Pets

Have you ever thought about the cleaning products you use in your home and what affect they have on your pets?  I stopped using harsh chemicals on my floors because my dogs couldn’t stay off of them long enough for the tile to dry and they lay on the tile to cool off and now, my little man, Nugget, eats his breakfast and dinner off the floor (that’s a story for another time).

My first purchase was a steam cleaner for my tile.  The steam cleans and sanitized my tile at the same time while providing a safe environment for my dogs.  The next step was looking into Green cleaning supplies like Melaleuca, but that required purchasing a minimum amount of products every month or becoming a representative, neither of which I was interested in.  So…the next best thing?  Hiring a cleaning company that uses the products.  This is a quadruple win for me!  I hate cleaning my house, work so much that when I do have down time the last thing I want to do is clean.  I don’t have to worry about the products they are using in my home and whether they are safe for my dogs or not. I can continue working and viola…my house is clean.  Ok, that was only 3 wins…but you get my point 🙂

Who is this cleaning company that uses Green cleaning supplies, is great with my dogs and people I can trust inside my home?  Going Greenhouse, that’s who!  April and her crew showed up for my first deep clean on time, met my dogs and allowed them to follow around and “help”.  They had no issue with me leaving them inside while they did their work and actually played with them for a bit.  I did make it very clear that my dogs were a part of my family and they were not going to be sequestered outside while they did their job.  Besides, it’s way to hot out for that.

If you are looking for a great cleaning company, that uses Green products (safe for you kids and pets) I highly recommend Going Greenhouse.

How to Report Animal Abuse

In our last article, 10 Signs of Animal Abuse, we gave you the signs of animal abuse to watch for.  Now, we need to know what to do if we suspect animal abuse.

It is important to report animal abuse to your local agency because many times the only way they find out about animal cruelty is from a concerned citizen.  Without tips from the community many animals will remain in abusive situations, mute and unable to defend themselves.

You may be wondering if you can remain anonymous while reporting abuse.  The answer is YES.  It is just important that the abuse is reported.

In Arizona, you must report animal abuse to your local law enforcement agency.  If you witness or suspect an act of animal cruelty in your community, contact your local police department’s non-emergency line. On a county island, please call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office at (602) 876-1011.

You can also contact the Arizona Humane Society online and fill out an abuse form.  You may remain anonymous in your reporting.

How to keep your home safe while you are gone

Your Mesa pet sitter offers tips on how to keep your home safe while you are on vacation.  Pet sitters at Play Time Pet Care take our jobs very seriously.  Not only are we responsible for caring for your pets as you would when you are not home we also look after your home.  We got some tips from our insurance agency so we knew what to do to make your home appear lived in even when you are not there.

Here are some questions that were asked of an ex burglar and his answers to each.

FACT: According to the Insurance Information Institute, the majority of home break-ins occur during the prime vacation months of July and August.*

Q: What’s the first thing you do to get inside?
A: “I head straight for the front door. I always knock, just in case. If you’re home, I’ll ask for directions or make up some other excuse. If you’re not, I’ll try to pick your lock. If you want me to avoid your house, make it look like someone’s home. Turn up the TV or radio. Park a car in the driveway.”


FACT: According to a survey of convicted burglars, 70% prefer to use the front door.**

Q: What about doors and door locks?
A: “I pick whatever takes the least time. So if I see a double lock, especially with a dead bolt, I’ll skip the house and move on to one with a single lock. A flimsy door that’s not hardwood or metal is a piece of cake to get into. I can kick the door down.”

FACT: According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds in the U.S.***

Q: If I have a sign that says “Beware of Dog,” will that stop you?
A: “That’s a giveaway that you don’t have an alarm system, so boom! I’m in. Besides, it tells me there might be a doggie door in the back of the house. I’ve gotten in that way a hundred times.”

FACT: A Rutgers University study scientifically proved that 30-40% of burglars tend to avoid homes with burglar alarm systems.****

Q: What if I come home while you’re inside?
A: “There’s an old trick. I put a bottle or broomstick on the handle of the front door. If the bottle breaks or the broom drops, I know you’ve come home.”

Q: So what do you go for first on the inside?
A: “The small, high-ticket stuff—jewelry, credit cards, keys—the grab-and-run items. I look for bank statements because they tell me about your habits, and the better I know you, the better my chances for a heist. I’m also sizing up the bigger stuff you have. When it looks like the coast is clear again, I’ll be back for the TV, computers and antiques.”

FACT: If you’ve had the misfortune of being robbed once, your chance of being robbed again is higher.†

Q: Do burglars ever hit the same house twice?
A: “You bet, especially if you don’t get your locks changed right away. When people come home after a burglary and the house is a complete wreck, the last thing they think about is their keys. People are more worried about the expensive or sentimental stuff that’s missing. I take the keys, and after a few days, I come back because odds are the locks haven’t been changed yet.”

With all that being said:

  1. Leaving the radio or tv on isn’t necessarily for your pets entertainment.  Although they may get a kick out of it, or not care at all, it may be the one thing that will save your home from being robbed.

  2. A good burglar will know how to handle a dog and will probably befriend them while they are taking your personal belongings, so lock up the dog door and have your sitter come more often.  It’s cheaper in the long run.

  3. Whether you have an alarm system or not, it’s a good idea to put an alarm companies stickers or yard signs by your front door.

Don’t make  your home an easy target!

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** youtube.com
*** fbi.gov
**** EzineArticles.com
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†† crimestoppers-uk.org; fnnc.org; easier.com

Mesa Pet Sitter Provides Snout to Tail Assessments

At Play Time Pet Care our pet sitters provide snout to tail assessments (as long as the pet will allow) for our clients.  Our main objective is to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while you are away.  Part of knowing if you pet is healthy is by performing regular snout to tail assessments.

Our pet sitters are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid which offers us the knowledge and experience to manage health issues.  Mesa Pet Sitter offers Canine ReikiWe begin by getting to know your pet and allowing them to become calm enough for us to hang out on the floor with them without being clobbered with kisses and playful nudges.  Then we begin with the snout to make sure it isn’t dry and cracked, then check out their breath to ensure it isn’t stinky, we move on to the ears feeling the exterior for abnormalities and checking the interior for infection and general cleanliness.  We move down the body to check for lumps and bumps, recording the size and placement of any findings.  We’ll check the spine, legs and tail.

Of course on our very first visit we won’t know what is normal or not, so we keep the assessment in our file and on every new contracted visit we will re-evaluate to see if we notice any changes.  We alert the pet parent of any changes that we have found just to bring it to their attention.  If we happen to find an ear infection we will do our best to start cleaning the ear and let the pet parent know about it on their return so they can continue treatment until the infection is cleared up.

What a great way to ensure your pets health…by having a pet sitter that is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid take care of your pets while you are away.

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Boy, My Nugget is a Weirdo

My 3 year old Cocker Spaniel is the most persnickety pet I’ve ever had.  All pets have their quirks, but Nugget seems to have so many.  It does give him character and his quirks make me laugh.  Some of them also make my head hurt.

He is a dog that doesn’t like change.  For instance, if we drape a t-shirt over the baby gate and he doesn’t see us do it, once he notices it he will bark like there is an intruder in our house.  If we change his water/food bowl, he will stare at it like it’s an alien and won’t eat.


Nugget Refusing New Bowl

We added a new dog to the household about 6 months ago and he has taken to chewing on Nugget’s food dish/water bowl if we leave it down.  Well, we have to leave the water bowl down so Nugget can drink (because he won’t drink out of the fountain the other 2 dogs drink from).  Our new dog has chewed up 2 of Nugget’s dishes.  Each time we bring a new dish into the house for Nugget to eat out of, he just stares at it…perplexed…like…where’s my old bowl?  He has gone 2 full days without eating because he refused to eat from his new dish.  I talked in great length with several dog trainers about this issue.  They all basically said the same thing…”Some dogs are just weird like that.  Will he eat off the floor?  If yes, why don’t you just feed him from the floor?”  My answer, “Because…dogs are supposed to eat from a bowl.”  I guess not…and really, in the wild, they didn’t have dishes to eat from.

So now, Nugget eats from the floor.  He’s totally fine with it, I don’t get upset because he’s not eating from the $10 bowl I just bought him.  All is back in order…but that still makes Nugget a weirdo!

Nugget Eating From Floor

Mesa Pet Sitter Cares for Diabetic Pets

You worry enough when you are away from your “kids”. You don’t need to worry about If your pet is getting the CORRECT amount of insulin or even getting their insulin in the first place.

If you are looking for a professional who knows a great deal about diabetes in pets and knows the warning signs of a diabetic pet in distress, you need to call us to book your consultation.

Here are 3 reasons to hire Play Time Pet Care to care for your diabetic pet:

1. We have sitters on staff that were veterinary technicians for many years.

2. Play Time Pet Care has backup pet sitters with insulin injection experience.

3. We make it a point to get to know our medically challenged pet’s vets in case there is an emergency while the pet parent’s are away.

Did you know that many boarding facilities won’t give insulin shots? Call us today to discuss your needs.

Pet Sitter Interviews Gilbert Fire Department


AZ Pet Professionals Present Pet Oxygen Masks to Gilbert Fire Station #255

I recently had the pleasure of being a part of a group of pet professionals that presented Gilbert Fire Station #255 with 2 Pet Oxygen Mask kits.  AZ Pet Professionals presented the 2 Pet Oxygen Mask kits on Saturday, June 29th at 9:00 am. 

Before the presentation we had the pleasure of meeting the crew and I asked them a couple of burning questions I just had to know the answer to.

Q:  What is the best thing pet parents can do to alert the first responders that they have animals in the house?

A:  Captain Robert Foster – “First, I’d like to say that we totally understand the theory behind the window stickers that say how many pets are in the household.  However, we don’t pay attention to those.  It could be a sticker from a previous homeowner and the new owner never took it down or it is inaccurate.  The best thing a pet parent can do is tell us they have pets that are still in the home.  The worst thing a pet parent can do is go back in to try and save their pets.  We understand that pets are our children and we care for them as much as our two legged children, but let us be the ones to go back in and save your pets.  It’s our job to make sure you are safe and go in and make sure all other living creatures are saved.”

Q:  How can pet parents help you do your job when it’s a medical related call?

A:  Captain Robert Foster – “If the pet parents know their pet is aggressive or overly friendly or barks a lot, the best thing they can do is put them somewhere where they are out of the way.  In another room, outside…anywhere but right in our face.  It can be difficult to perform our job when we are clobbered with kisses or greeted at the door by an aggressive pet that will do anything other than let us inside.”

Q:  Do you REALLY rescue cats stuck in trees?

A:  “How many times have you seen skeletons in trees?  Seriously, yes, we do rescue cats from trees.  We got a call once from someone who said this cat had been stuck in a tree for 3 days.  It wasn’t their cat, but they were tired of hearing it meowing.”

Gilbert Fire Department Ladder 255 was very grateful of our donation.  We want to thank them for their hospitality and letting us ride the ladder!  Woo Hoo! 

Getting ready to ride the ladder!