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Two Simple Ways to Tell if it’s Too Hot To Walk Your Dog

 How do you know what temperature is too hot to walk a dog?  This simple test will tell you everything you need to know.


In Arizona, we have to be mindful of the heat when walking or exercising our dogs.  The pavement can get extremely hot when the air temperature feels nice to us.  We typically don’t walk dogs once it hits 90 degrees outside.  For two reasons:

  1. Heat exhaustion

  2. Hot pavement

Your dog’s paw pads will burn and become extremely uncomfortable if walked for an extended period of time on hot pavement.  It has been proven that when the outside temperature is in the 80’s, the pavement can be as hot as 125 degrees.  When the outside temp is in the 90’s, the pavement can be as hot as 175 degrees.  Paw pads start to deteriorate at 125 degrees. When we do walk dogs, it’s early in the morning and we stay on the sidewalk and grassy areas.  The dogs have limited time on the asphalt. A simple way to know if it’s too hot is to check the pavement.  Put your hand on the pavement and if you can keep it there for 30 seconds without burning, it’s okay for you dog.  Check both the sidewalk and the asphalt.  The blacktop will undoubtedly be much hotter than the concrete. Clearly it is too hot for your dog based off the image below! Arizona summers are brutal.

Special effects courtesy of Rot N Wonderland

Reasons you may need to take your dog out in the heat of the day:

  1. You live in an apartment

  2. Your residence does not have a yard

  3. You have a vet appointment

What do you do if you have to take them out?

  1. Keep them on grassy areas

  2. Limit the time they are on sidewalks and asphalt

  3. Purchase boots for their paws

  4. Limit the amount of time they are outside

This is easy to follow if you are just taking them out to go potty.  What about exercise in the summer?  Your dog still needs it’s exercise, right? Check out a previous blog about alternative exercise in the summer.

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Arizona’s First Excessive Heat Warning in 2013

Arizona’s excessive heat can leave your pets feeling a little cooped up.  Your pets don’t spend much time outside and you may be escaping the heat by going to a movie or spending the heat of the day indoors at a mall, museum, or just chilling out at home watching movies all day.   Your pet may be restless from little activity, and since you can’t play fetch, go for a walk, hike or run…what are your options?

This game will keep your treat hungry pup entertained for HOURS: