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Trust is the biggest obstacle pet sitters have to overcome.

When searching for a pet sitter in Mesa, AZ, it is important to find a pet sitter you trust.  Trust is the biggest obstacle pet sitters have to overcome.  After all, we are going into your home to care for your beloved pets that you treat as family members.  Some of the best ways to find a trusted pet sitter is to get a referral from a friend or your vet.

As an owner of a pet sitting company in Mesa, it is important to me to develop relationships with local vets so they feel comfortable and confident in referring me to their trusted clients.

A couple of vets that regularly refer us to their clients are:

Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital

Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

Red Mountain Animal Clinic

In developing relationships with these vets, we do things a bit different than the average pet professional.  We socialize with them outside the clinic, we invite them to our events and we partner with them to do fundraisers for the non profit organizations they hold close to their hearts.  This gives them the opportunity to get to know us as professionals without bothering them while they are busy at work, caring for your pets.

Why is it important to ask your vet for a pet sitting referral?

Your vet will most likely only have a few trusted companies that they will refer to. They don’t want to refer their clients to companies or individuals that don’t have a proven track record of excellence.  They have gained your trust and don’t want to spoil that by referring you to a company or individual that doesn’t take their business seriously.  Your vet will not refer you to someone who is a part time pet sitter or isn’t insured and bonded.  Although it is still your job, as the pet parent, to do your due diligence and make sure the pet sitter you hire is legit.

Top Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter

It may be a matter of convenience, a bad experience with boarding or maybe your pet doesn’t do well with others.  Play Time Pet Care offers you an alternative to boarding and kenneling.  We believe that allowing your pet(s) to stay in their most comfortable environment (home) is the safest and healthiest option.

Advantages for your Pet

  • Pet Reduced Stress
  • Tailored Care
  • Less Exposure to Illness
  • Personal Love and Attention

Benefits for the owner

  • No Guilt From Imposing on Friends, Neighbors or Family Members
  • No Transportation Concerns
  • House Sitting Bonus
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Peace of Mind

In Home Pet Sitter Offers Convenience

Your in home pet sitter offers you the utmost convenience by traveling to your home so you don’t have to coordinate and create time to drop off and pick up your pet from a boarding service.

Imagine arriving home from either a long weekend or two week cruise and all you have to do is get home, drop your bags and love your pets.  You don’t have to worry about:

  • Paying an extra day at the kennel if you arrive home after hours.

  • Picking up the pet waste after being gone for long periods of time, we’ve taken care of that for you.

  • Rushing out to clear out the mailbox, it’s all sitting on your counter waiting for you.

Price Shopping for a Pet Sitter

So, you’re planning your vacation, excited and ready to go!  Wait…what about the pets?  You need to make arrangements for their care while you are gone.  You call a couple of professional pet sitting companies and decide to price shop against Rover.com, Care.com, and Dogvacay.com.  Your price comparisons tell you that it is less expensive in the long run to go with Rover or one of the others rather than a professional pet sitter.

Let’s weigh the pro’s and con’s:


There is still a level of insurance provided to pet sitters registered with Rover.com.


Pet owner is responsible for a $500 deductible if anything were to happen to their pet while in the care of a Rover.com pet sitter.  A professional pet sitting company does not pass the deductible along to the pet owner.


The insurance coverage of a Rover.com pet sitter includes professional liability insurance which covers property damage that occurs as a result of a sitter or dog walker’s services, or from FAILING TO RENDER THOSE SERVICES.  (Meaning, the sitter forgets to visit, or leaves town without having someone else take care of your pets).


Pet parent is responsible for the $500 deductible.  Again, a professional pet sitting company does not pass the deductible along to the pet owner.


The Rover.com sitter you decide to work with is probably an animal lover and has the best intentions of taking great care of your pet.


Generally, a Rover.com pet sitter does not do this for a living.  It’s side money for them and they typically work another job or have other responsibilities that may take precedence over the care of your pet.  A professional pet sitting company does this for a living.  It is what they do full time.  They have back up plans in case the sitter assigned to you can not make a visit for any reason.

The cons listed are not to scare you away from using a Rover.com pet sitter.  It’s simply to make you aware of the “what if’s” and help prepare you for your interview of the sitter you decide to work with.

Here are some questions you should ask your Rover.com pet sitter:

  1.  Are you insured only through Rover.com?  Or do you have additional insurance?  With who?

  2. What is your backup plan?  If something happens to you, one of your kids, family members, etc. and you have to be away from home for long periods of time, how are my pets going to be cared for?

  3. What is your cancellation policy?

  4.  What happens if the sitter has to cancel a booked reservation?

  5. Will you send me updates with pictures?  How often can I expect those?

  6. How quickly do you respond to phone calls, text messages and emails?

If the Rover.com pet sitter you interview and meet face to face passes your tests and you have a good gut feeling, by all means, go for it!


Mesa Pet Sitter Cares for Diabetic Pets

You worry enough when you are away from your “kids”. You don’t need to worry about If your pet is getting the CORRECT amount of insulin or even getting their insulin in the first place.

If you are looking for a professional who knows a great deal about diabetes in pets and knows the warning signs of a diabetic pet in distress, you need to call us to book your consultation.

Here are 3 reasons to hire Play Time Pet Care to care for your diabetic pet:

1. We have sitters on staff that were veterinary technicians for many years.

2. Play Time Pet Care has backup pet sitters with insulin injection experience.

3. We make it a point to get to know our medically challenged pet’s vets in case there is an emergency while the pet parent’s are away.

Did you know that many boarding facilities won’t give insulin shots? Call us today to discuss your needs.

What if my Pet Sitter Dies?

Worried about if your pet will be taken care of if something tragic happens to your pet sitter?  We will help ease your worry with our back up plan.

I just got off the phone with a new client who was very concerned about hiring another pet sitter.  Her last pet sitter died while she was away and was not able to get in touch with the sitter to see how her dog was doing. When she arrived home, she saw her dog had plenty of food and water, but knew by how her dog was acting that the sitter who took over was not spending quality time with her dog. As a Play Time Pet Care client, you will always feel at ease because of our back up plan.  It is important to know what your sitter’s back up plan is, in case of emergencies.

What would happen if your pet sitter died?  How would we know and how does our back up plan work?

We utilize an online communication system.  This is how we use it:

  • Each day our sitters log in to check their schedule

  • When a visit is complete they check it off and  include a short note about the visit.

  • Each of our clients also get a text or email update daily.

If for some reason a client does not get an update, they call the office to make sure the visit happened.  Our office staff can look through the system to make sure the visit was on a sitter’s schedule, check to see if the sitter marked it as complete AND call the sitter to make sure they are okay and find out why the client did not get an update. If we can not reach the sitter a staff member will visit your pet to make sure they are okay.  If we received notification that something tragic happened and the sitter can not make the visit, one of our other employees will jump in and make sure your pet is visited without skipping a beat. Life happens.  We understand that.  This is why we are diligent with our communication and have A, B, C and D back up plans in place.

Quality Pet Sitting Offers Peace of Mind

It’s been said that “…we help make people’s dreams come true.”  This is the exact reason I started my pet sitting business.  When you work hard for your money and you take time to re-energize you should be able to do that with peace of mind, knowing your pets will be well taken care of.

What is ‘Quality’ pet sitting?  You know you’ve experience quality pet sitting when you’re away from home and you aren’t worried about the care your pet(s) are receiving.

How does Play Time ensure ‘Quality” pet sitting services?  Each of our sitters updates our clients at the very first visit.  An update is a personalized text or email message to the pet parent letting them know that we are with their ‘fur kids’ and describing the behaviors and level of happiness of their pet(s).  As long your pet isn’t camera shy, our sitters will capture a photo of your pet and send that as well, so you can see how happy your pet(s) are.  Our pet sitters will continue to provide text or email updates as often as you’d like for the duration of your absence.  THAT is quailty pet care.

What happens if our flight is delayed and we get home later than expected?  If something happens that changes your itinerary our pet sitters will continue to visit your fur family until you return.  THAT is quality pet care.

My pet has a medical condition.  What if they need to go to the hospital?  We will take your pet to your primary veterinarian unless they are not available.  In that case we will take your pet to your secondary selection.  We have all of this information in our online, centralized system…this is information YOU have provided, so you know it is accurate. Our online system is available to the administrative staff and your primary pet sitter. Your pet sitting team always has the most accurate, up – to – date information as you have provided.  THAT is quality pet care.

What happens if my primary pet sitter gets sick or is unable to visit my pets while I am away?  Play Time Pet Care is a company comprised of a team of pet sitters.  Our pet sitters are never over booked which allows them to remain less stressed and available to provide back up assistance if needed.  Our administrative staff also steps in when needed.  We are truly a team.  THAT is quality pet care.

We are professional… Professional to us means that you and your pets are our #1 priority. Your fur kids schedules become our schedules.  Once we accept a job we plan our personal activities around their schedule.   We aren’t visiting on our lunch break or before and after another job.  THAT is quality pet care.

Mesa Pet Sitter in Action

What Does My Pet Sitter Really Do At My House?

What Exactly Does My Pet Sitter Do While At My House?

Have you asked yourself this question in the past?  Ever wonder what the difference is between your friends, family or neighbor watching over your pet rather than a professional pet sitter?  Ask yourself this:

Do I know for sure that my friends, family or neighbor is spending quality time with my pets?

 Aside from the obvious of providing fresh water and food for your pets whomever is taking care of them should also be spending quality play time with them.  Even if that means belly rubs on the couch instead of ball fetching or a brisk walk around the neighborhood, maybe a quick swim in the pool for pooch is in order.  Whatever the activity may be, your “pet-sitter” should never feel obligated or burdened to spend time with your fur kids.

 At Play Time Pet Care we not only provide text or email updates, including photos, to our clients while they are gone, but we have also put together some videos to showcase our dedication to providing quality time and service to our 2 legged and 4 legged clients. After-all, for us, it’s all about Play Time!

 Visit our Youtube channel to see us in action!

Gibert, AZ Pet Sitters

Play Time Pet Care provides services the residence of Gilbert East of Gilbert Road from Baseline South to Queen Creek Rd.  Our pet sitting and dog walking services are top notch and second to none.

Some of the services we offer are:

Daily Visits

Overnight Care

Live In Care

Pet Babysitting by the Hour

Pet Taxi

For more information on the above services please check out our Services page.