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Overnight Pet Sitter in Mesa AZ

Our overnight pet sitters are one of the most requested services we provide.  Pet parents like the option of overnight pet sitters because their pet’s are used to having someone home at night to sleep with or spend time with.  Whether it is a luxury or necessity is up to you to decide.

What goes on during an overnight pet sit?  A sitter arrives by 8:00 pm and leaves by 8:00 am the following morning.  Your pet gets one on one attention for the entire time your sitter is there.  We focus on play time, belly rubs, fresh food and water and cuddle time.  If your pet is used to sleeping with you, our sitters are happy to cuddle with your babies as well.

The beauty of choosing an overnight pet sitter is your pets are well adjusted when you get home.  It’s really as if you never left!  The pets that get the most enjoyment out of an overnight pet sitter are seniors, puppies and little breeds.  They LOVE the attention and the warmth our sitters provide.

Here is a checklist to see if you would make a good candidate for hiring an overnight pet sitter:

Do you talk baby talk to your pets?

Do you like to snuggle wuggle with your pets?

Do you allow your pets to sleep with you?

Are they used to having someone at home at night with them?

Do you feel more comfortable knowing your pet will have someone with them all night?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions…you would make the PERFECT overnight pet sitter candidate 🙂



Pet Sitter’s Perspective on Puppy Socialization

Did you know that if you socialize your puppy at a young age they will grow up to be a more well rounded dog?  How do you go about socializing your new puppy?  What about an older dog that needs socialization?  Can an old dog learn new tricks?

As a pet sitting company in Mesa, AZ (also servicing Gilbert and Gold Canyon) we see unsocial dogs all the time.  Some of the behaviors we notice when we meet our new unsocial clients are:

Aggression toward new people

Hiding behind mom or dad

Raised hackles

Slow to get to know a new person

Some of these pets are great on a leash but leery of new people in their home.  Some are great with new people in their home, but act aggressive while on a walk.

How do you make sure your new puppy is socialized properly so you don’t have to worry about these issues as they get older?  How do you help your older dog be more social?

The following video offers great tips on how to ensure your pet becomes a well rounded, social dog.

So what do you do when you are busy and don’t have the time to properly socialize your dog?  Here are a few recommendations:

There are several doggy day cares to choose from.  If you enroll your puppy into doggy day care it allows them to be in a different environment and meet new dogs every day!

Taking your puppy for walks around the neighborhood and allowing them to meet new people, smell new things and explore is a great way to get them used to new things.

Seeking out social activities or pet friendly events that your dog is welcome to.

 Do you have other ideas on how to socialize a dog?  Leave your comment below…

Pet Sitter’s Perspective on Why Daily Cat Sitting is a MUST

As a pet sitter in Mesa, AZ I get calls from prospective cat sitting clients that mention their cat is self reliant and doesn’t require a lot of attention.  They would prefer a visit every other day rather than daily.  To this I say NO WAY!

Your cat may seem aloof at times and not want a lot of attention from you, but you would be surprised at how much attention we get from the seemingly aloof cats while cat sitting.  They miss their family too.  Although they seem aloof most of the time, they are used to you being home and around.  So when you are gone for extended periods they will crave the attention of their cat sitter when you are gone.



A feral kitty who LOVES to play!

Not only do they crave the attention, they are masters at hiding their ailments.  Cats will often hide their illnesses, even from mom and dad, until they just can’t hide it any longer.  Many times, once you start noticing they are acting funny or aren’t feeling well, they require a vet visit ASAP.  The illness has most likely been ailing them for quite some time.  When cats get sick, they get sick quick and deteriorate fast.

Cats also enjoy having their toilet (litter box) cleaned out frequently.  A daily visit to have a clean toilet will often save cleaning expenses later.

We know you will take this into consideration when looking for your next cat sitter. Your cat will love you for it!

Which is best?  Hiring a pet sitter or boarding my pets?

Guest Blogger – Starla Clark – Vet Tech/Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

As a Play Time Pet Care pet sitter I am of course a bit biased when it comes to in home care for pets. As a long time veterinary technician I feel I have experience to back my biases.

Overall I think pets do best when they are able to stick as close to their routine as possible. This being especially true for a cat which I believe always does best in its own home. For me the biggest concern is the trust you have with the person doing this care. Having been in the veterinary field for so many years and seeing things that go terribly wrong, I became very selective about care for my own pets. This is the number one reason I decided to accept pet sitting clients from Play Time Pet Care, and also use them for the care of my own animals…TRUST.  Jenna has carefully created a business that is held to high standards and limits potential problems.

While keeping pets in their own environment may be the ideal situation there are times this is just not feasible. I have two large dogs that are prone to disagreements between themselves and cannot be left at home unattended. Play Time Pet Care does offer live in services but I generally elect to use a boarding facility for one of my temperamental dogs while away.

When looking for a boarding facility be certain to see where your pet will actually stay. There may be times that the area is unavailable for viewing but never except that you cannot actually see the kennel. Many kennels sound terrific on paper but fall sadly short when actually viewed.

When touring a facility:

1.  Look for where the dogs are taken to relieve themselves (do they have grass, dirt, cement, etc.)

2.  Temperature control in the area they stay (do they have any, is it swamp cooled or air conditioned)

3.  Ability to escape the gaze of other dogs (to reduce anxiety and possible fighting)

4.  Overall care of other boarders

A kennel that requires documentation for current vaccines and negative stool samples is generally a higher quality kennel looking out for the best health of your pet. While not guaranteeing your pet will return free of parasites or viruses, it does generally indicate a higher caliber of pet owners and pet health of the boarders.  The same goes for doggy day care.

Many kennels allow dogs to exercise or be cared for in a “cage free” environment. This is an area I have seen countless times go bad. Dogs are usually stressed in a new situation and may not behave as expected. It’s hard to predict which dogs will get along and an ever present pecking order just causes more stress to an already anxious pet. Be sure to tour these facilities as well and ask them how they handle dog disputes.  If their answer is to throw food all over to distract them, that is a HUGE red flag.  Talk about creating another issue between possible food aggressive animals.  Ask them what they do to protect your dog during sleeping hours.  Is the night shift allowed to sleep?  If they sleep, where do they sleep and can they get to, or even hear, a problem as it’s arising? 

Do your research. You will enjoy your time away from home more thoroughly knowing your pet is well cared for. You can trust that if left in the hands of a Play Time Pet Care pet sitter, your pet will be treated as if it were their own.

Play Time Pet Care offers many options for pet care. From once daily visits to complete live in care and many choices in between!

Trust is the biggest obstacle pet sitters have to overcome.

When searching for a pet sitter in Mesa, AZ, it is important to find a pet sitter you trust.  Trust is the biggest obstacle pet sitters have to overcome.  After all, we are going into your home to care for your beloved pets that you treat as family members.  Some of the best ways to find a trusted pet sitter is to get a referral from a friend or your vet.

As an owner of a pet sitting company in Mesa, it is important to me to develop relationships with local vets so they feel comfortable and confident in referring me to their trusted clients.

A couple of vets that regularly refer us to their clients are:

Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital

Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic

Red Mountain Animal Clinic

In developing relationships with these vets, we do things a bit different than the average pet professional.  We socialize with them outside the clinic, we invite them to our events and we partner with them to do fundraisers for the non profit organizations they hold close to their hearts.  This gives them the opportunity to get to know us as professionals without bothering them while they are busy at work, caring for your pets.

Why is it important to ask your vet for a pet sitting referral?

Your vet will most likely only have a few trusted companies that they will refer to. They don’t want to refer their clients to companies or individuals that don’t have a proven track record of excellence.  They have gained your trust and don’t want to spoil that by referring you to a company or individual that doesn’t take their business seriously.  Your vet will not refer you to someone who is a part time pet sitter or isn’t insured and bonded.  Although it is still your job, as the pet parent, to do your due diligence and make sure the pet sitter you hire is legit.

Mesa Pet Sitter Transports Pets

Guest Blogger – Starla Clark – Pet Sitter Extraordinaire 

Ever struggle with getting your cat into a carrier and out the door?  As your professional Mesa pet sitters we are often asked to transport pets to vet appointments, groomers and day care.

Most anyone who is owned by a cat knows the secret telepathy that a cat possesses in regards to that scheduled appointment to the veterinarian, groomer or other time specific date. Many a cat is nowhere to be found when it comes time to load up into the car or if found, refuses to cooperate with the plan. 

Cats are often not seen by a Veterinarian because the pet parents don’t know HOW to get that darn cat in their carrier.  Starla has offered a few tips to help with transporting your furry friend.

  • Be certain to have a sturdy carrier in which to transport your pet. Plastic carriers are generally the safest, but a cardboard style carrier can also work fine for a normal weight, non-escapee variety of cat. If using cardboard, check to be sure it has been correctly assembled. You don’t want to lift kitty only to have him fall out of the bottom. 

  • Always confine your cat in something for the ride, even a pillowcase will work in a pinch. The most docile cat can exhibit super cat strength and escape your hold when being transported to an unfamiliar place.

  • When attempting to collect your cat to put into the appropriate carrier, be sure to have the cat contained first before bringing out the carrier. Many cats are very effective hiders when they spot that carrier first.

I am often asked how to get the cat into the carrier when they refuse to do so willingly. My answer is if they will not go willingly head first, most cats will allow you to place them in backwards. For the cat that is truly unwilling, stand the carrier on end and lower the cat by the scruff of the neck, backwards into the crate. 

A nice soft towel placed in the bottom will cushion the ride and absorb anything that might need absorbing.

And for all you dog owners… remember the leash, and a collar your pet cannot back out of when being asked to walk through that scary door to the animal hospital, kennel or groomer. Remember too that just because Fido loves cats, the cat Fido wants to look at in the waiting room may be deathly afraid of dogs.

The amazing part of this journey is how easily the cat returns to the carrier when leaving and how quickly the dog heads out the door. Always a miracle!

Don’t want all the drama? Remember Playtime Pet Care offers a Pet Taxi service to help you avoid all this work!

Starla Clark has been a team member with Play Time Pet Care since 2011.  Starla has over 30 years of veterinary experience.

Pet Sitting in Your Home

Your fur-ever pet sitting and dog walking company…

Providing and promoting positive, force free, human – pet bonds.

Pets are family too!  

As your fur ever pet sitting and dog walking company we dedicate ourselves to providing personalized pet care to your furry, feathered and scaled kids.  Our professional pet sitters and dog walkers provide a service of convenience to each of our pet parents, individual love and affection to our four legged clients and the exclusivity of working with the Best of the Valley.

Play Time Pet Care provides in your home pet sitting and dog walking services including: daily dog walking, potty breaks, puppy care, overnight care,  live in care and taxi services to the residence of Mesa and parts of  Gilbert.

Are you looking for a pet sitting company that will:

Play with and exercise your pet?

Cuddle and love your pet as you do?

Spend QUALITY time with your pet?

Provide a special diet?

Provide daily picture updates?

When it comes to the love and care of your pets our pet sitters are no nonsense. When it comes to playing and having a great time with your pets our pet sitters are ALL nonsense 🙂  

Pet Sitting ~ Hire a Sole Proprietor or A Team of Sitters?

The age old debate:  To hire a single individual or a team of pet sitters?

I think this debate rings true when hiring any service provider that is coming into your home when you  may not be there.  A lot of people may find comfort in knowing the same person will be providing the service rather than a multitude of people whom you may have not met.

So, what happens when you hire a pet sitting company that has several pet sitters that work for them?  Will you get the same person every time, or will there be several people in and out of your home while you are away?  That’s a great question to ask your pet sitter prior to making that hiring decision.  Here is how Play Time Pet Care handles it:

When you call to set up your initial consultation / meet and greet, the sitter that is assigned to you will be determined by who lives closest to you, who is available during your requested dates and depending on the type of pet(s) you have, who has the most experience.  The goal is to set up the meet and greet with THE sitter that will be entering your home, providing your updates and completing the services needed.  We also like to continue having that same sitter work with you on future pet sitting needs.

With that being said, there is a HUGE advantage to working with a pet sitting company that has other pet sitters providing services.  Those advantages are:

  • You never have to interview or hire additional pet sitting companies that may have different rates and policies because we will always have you covered.  
  • Life happens.  If something were to happen to your dedicated pet sitter which rendered them incapable of caring for  your pets during a time when you are away, they have built in back up.  Your pets still get cared for without interruption. Granted, it may be a different pet sitter coming in to your home, but isn’t the piece of mind knowing your pets will always be taken care of better than the stress of possibly having another person in your home?
  • All our pet sitters are insured, bonded and background checked.  So, no matter who is in your home, you are protected.
  • What if you want to go on vacation the same time your pet sitter wants to go on vacation?  That’s not a problem with Play Time.  We’ll just send a different sitter to meet  you prior to you leaving so you know who is in your home.
  • It’s like having an army of passionate, pet loving individuals on your side.

The chances of having multiple people in your home is slim, but in the emergency case that may arise, you want to have a team of professionals to have your back to take care of your beloved companion.

Play Time Pet Care is there for you all the time, no matter what.  Your pets are our number one priority.

Top Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter

It may be a matter of convenience, a bad experience with boarding or maybe your pet doesn’t do well with others.  Play Time Pet Care offers you an alternative to boarding and kenneling.  We believe that allowing your pet(s) to stay in their most comfortable environment (home) is the safest and healthiest option.

Advantages for your Pet

  • Pet Reduced Stress
  • Tailored Care
  • Less Exposure to Illness
  • Personal Love and Attention

Benefits for the owner

  • No Guilt From Imposing on Friends, Neighbors or Family Members
  • No Transportation Concerns
  • House Sitting Bonus
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Peace of Mind

Mesa Pet Sitter Provides Quality Service

While sitting at a restaurant chain that is well known for breakfast I had time to sit and watch the service staff, how they handled complaints (and they had several in the short time I had sat down), and how long it took them to take my order. I was disappointed to say the least. I don’t think that all chains provide bad service, but I do believe that it all comes from the top down. This makes me wonder who is in charge here and how in the world does this server still work here?

The first observation I made was with the table in front of me. One of the patrons asked his server (who also happens to be my server) to please clean the table because it was sticky. She immediately began to make excuses, then accused the customers of seating themselves and that is why the table wasn’t cleaned. I’m watching this thinking to myself, does it really matter why the table was dirty? The customer doesn’t care…he just wants it cleaned. Stop with the excuses, say you’re sorry and clean it. Stop arguing with the customer!

The second observation was a booth next to me. Two elderly ladies trying to enjoy breakfast. One of the customers asked for her bacon well done. Her plate came out and the bacon was obviously NOT well done. The plate went back to the kitchen and the server brought the plate out without any bacon and did not communicate that she is waiting on the bacon and will bring it out when it’s ready. The server walked away and the customer had to stop her and ask her where her bacon was. If only the server took 2 seconds to explain what she was doing the customer would not have been so frustrated.

The third observation was with my own order. I also asked for a portion of my food to be well done. It came out a short 5 minutes later and the portion of my breakfast that was supposed to be well done was NOT. I too had to send my plate back. When the server placed my plate on the table she KNEW I was not happy. She stood there for a few seconds staring at me waiting for me to say something. When I didn’t she happily went back to her job. She came back with my burnt bacon and I asked her to take my plate back and please have my hash browns well done. She came back not even a minute later with perfectly cooked hash browns. This tells me that she is not even paying attention to what she is putting out there. She’s just going through the motions and getting away with what people will allow. BTW – I think I got my neighbors burnt bacon!

This does not bode well with me. I am so customer service oriented that it really upset me to the point that this one chance this restaurant had to win me over failed. I will not be back to this restaurant…they will not have the opportunity to win me over again.

As a service oriented business owner I take pride in the service we provide our clients. Service and quality care is what is important to me. I understand that most people won’t even tell me if they were not happy with the services we provided, like me, they just won’t come back.

What “Service” means to me:

  1. It all starts with the initial phone call.  Answering within 3 rings or returning a message within a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Communicating!!  Or, as I like to say, OVER communicating.  I would rather have people tell me to stop than ask what’s going on.
  3. Prompt attention to our clients needs.
  4. Fast follow up on all inquiries, whether it’s a phone call, email or text.
  5. Following  your instructions to a T.
 What “Quality” means to me:
  1. Not overwhelming my staff so they don’t feel the need to rush through your visits.
  2. Providing pet related news and educational information to help our clients be the best pet parents possible.
  3. Bringing the community together to celebrate, network and befriend other pet lovers.
  4. Creating a company culture that all our sitters are excited to spread and share with everyone.
  5. Providing valuable updates to our clients.
  6. Offering numerous ways for our clients to communicate with us.
  7. Alerting our clients to emergencies ASAP and responding as a professional.
And this is just the beginning…our client testimonials speak volumes.  We are a group of people that share the same customer service philosophies and strive to go above and beyond for every pet family we care for.