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The Best and Worst Dog Leashes

Is the dog leash you are using potentially dangerous to you?

We love seeing dogs walking their people.  Often times when we see dogs out for walks with their people we see some things that could be potentially dangerous for the dog and their walker.  One of those things being the tool the walker is using to walk the dog.  Meaning…the leash.

In a recent Post by Columbia Animal Hospital, they showed the dangers of using a retractable leash.  Click the post link and see the image below.  This is just a small example of the damage a retractable leash can do.



I would have to say that the WORST leash you can use while walking your dog is a retractable leash.  As the post mentions, pet owners like them because the dogs LOVE them.  The dogs get to run ahead, sniff, fall behind then run ahead again.  Oh, sweet freedom.  The downside?  If an unleashed dog comes rushing at your dog, you may not have time to “reel” your dog in to avoid attack.  Then you go into panic mode and the above could happen to you.  This person’s finger was sliced nearly to the bone. Retractable leashes can also break, where the retractable mechanism doesn’t work anymore.   In the desert, during snake season, you have no control over where your dog sticks his nose.  You are putting your dog at risk of being bitten.

After seeing this article, it spiked a conversation between my sitters and I.  Here is what our sitters said about leashes…

“I like just a basic nylon leash or a leather leash. I feel like I have more control with the dog and I also like traffic leashes, a very short leash, I can keep my dog at a heel at all times :)” – Melissa

“I like leather leashes. I feel like leather is strong but also has a little flexibility. It is harder to get cut with a nice leather leash.” – Tami

In our dog walking experience, here are the top 3 leashes we like to use:
#1  Nylon

#2  Leather

#3  Traffic leashes – or similarly, the nylon long leash with a secondary traffic leash handle.

What kind of leash do you use to walk your dog?

Dog TV Hits The Airwaves August 2013

We’ve all heard of Animal Planet.  Now, there is a tv station just for dogs!  Dog TV?  Really?  Do you think your dogs would watch the programming?  Or better yet, keep them calm and relaxed when you aren’t home?  DirectTV is offering a free 2 week trial the first 2 weeks of August 2013.  I’m checking it out…

It is clear this channel is not for the human.   After the first 30 seconds I wanted to change the channel.  The program was a short clip of a woman petting her Dachshund, till he fell asleep.  There was some relaxing music in the background.  My dogs are already asleep, so it’s hard to judge whether or not it’s helping them relax 🙂

The second clip was of a woman petting a larger dog, telling him it’s okay and asking him to sit.

The third clip is of a woman riding a horse, then the horse drinking copious amounts of water. 🙂

I’m going to leave it on in the background as I work and see how this progresses.

After a couple hours of having this on in the background…I need to take a nap.

Here are a couple short clips to give you an idea of the programming:

There were a couple of programs that one of my dogs reacted to.  One was a bouncing ball on the screen that made weird noises.  The other was a couple of guys playing keep away from the dog on a beach.

Other than that…it’s been a pretty normal day of snoozing for my dogs.

I think it’s pretty genius of them to start the free trial the first two weeks of August.  Why?  Because this is when most kids are going back to school.  Pet parents may be feeling a little guilty since their pets will be spending more time alone.

Is Dog TV just peace of mind for you?  Or will your dogs react to it…in any way?

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Channel 354 on DirectTV.


Pet Sitting in Beautiful Las Sendas

As a pet sitter in the beautiful Las Sendas area I have had the great pleasure of meeting Cutter.  Cutter is a bird dog who’s mom describes him as a “Man’s dog”.  I was originally called on to walk Cutter when dad was away.  See, dad walks Cutter on a regular basis and mom suffered an injury and was unable to walk Cutter as he is used to.   Cutter being a bird dog, has tons of energy and mom felt bad that he wasn’t getting his much deserved walk every day.

Cutter is a great dog who is living the life most dogs could only dream of in the exclusive, gated community of Copper Canyon in the master planned community of Las Sendas in Mesa, AZ.  Although he lives a great life today, his childhood wasn’t all it should have been.  Cutter was saved by his mom and dad from a life in a cage.  When mom and dad found him, he was in Sonoyta Mexico, being “trained” as a hunting dog.  The way they were training him was by basically starving him.  Everyday he would not be fed until 4:00pm and that was the only meal for him…as a puppy!  Puppies are supposed to eat 3x a day to be well nourished.

Mom explained that when they got him home, it was like he suffered from an eating disorder, like anorexia.  He just wouldn’t eat.  It took many weeks of working with him and coaxing him to eat to get him to eat proper meals every day.  Poor guy.  Just makes my heart sad.  However, looking at him now, you would never know.

Cutter now lives in a beautiful home, gets walked daily, spends most of his days lounging around the house, following mom and dad wherever they go.  Dad takes him hunting on occasion so he can flush out the birds…the hunting he does now is strictly for fun.  Cutter never misses a meal, as a matter of fact, mom thinks he’s gained too much weight! 

It’s such a pleasure to be able to spend time with such a lucky dog.  I know Cutter is thankful for his mom and dad saving him from a life that would surely have been miserable.

Share your stories of the pets you have saved.  I’m sure they are amazing!