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Raw Feeding

 Is Raw Feeding Better for your pet? This question is answered along with a few more. Background: I started researching raw feeding when my senior golden retriever decided kibble wasn’t what she wanted.  There was nothing medically wrong with her, she just stopped eating kibble.  I had to entice her to eat with raw eggRead More

Why all the fancy ingredients in pet food?

Marketers are geniuses.  They have found a way to market pet food so it looks pretty and healthy.  They make us think that all the healthy foods we eat are essential for our pet’s balanced diets.  There is a reason behind the ingredients and it isn’t for a balanced diet.  Take a look: Fats areRead More

Do you want a raw fed cat?

  You can have a raw fed cat and here’s how: *Disclaimer:  I am not a veterinarian or pet nutritionist.  I have done a ton of research and I encourage you to do the same. Similar principles for a raw fed cat are the same as dogs.  However, because cats are cats, it may takeRead More

So you are interested in Raw Feeding?

Here are some frequently asked questions from raw feeding newbies: 1.  How do I transition to raw feeding? Typically when you are introducing new foods to your pet you are advised to start with a mix of new and old food to alleviate belly upset.  When moving to a raw diet, you do not needRead More