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It’s too hot!  What do I do With My Dog?

I recently asked my Facebook fan group what they do to entertain their dogs when it’s too hot to play outside.  Here are some of the responses:

  1. My dogs love the laser pointer so they chase it up and down the hallway and they love water so they chase the water from the hose out back for a while keeps them cool, happy and wears them out!”

  2. Doggie daycare at Elite Paw Spa

  3. Go to the dog park early am hours – like 630 before its too hot”

Other than exercise type activities, here are some fun treat ideas to keep your pets cool:

  1. Frozen green beans

  2. Frozen toys – they have to lick them out 🙂

  3. Ice cubes

  4. Find the treat – hide them all around the house and tell your dog to “find them”.

Now it’s your turn!  What OTHER ideas do you have to exercise your pet in the hot summer months?

Keep Pets Out of the Heat this Summer

Arizona summer months can be brutal to our furry friends.  The heat index can rise to 122 degrees and higher.  A heat advisory is issued when temperatures are expected to raise well above the norm.

Keep Your Pets InsideDid you know that a dog can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke in temperatures like this?  This can happen on a walk or even in your own backyard.  As a pet sitter I advise all my clients to keep their pets inside when it starts getting hot outside and to leave their pets at home rather than bringing them along for a car ride. The inside of a car can heat up quickly leaving your pet defenseless and subject to heat stroke.

Some signs of heat stroke are:

  Rapid Breathing

  Heavy Panting



  Muscle Tremor


Dog breeds that don’t like heat:

  Overweight dogs

  Elderly dogs




  Boston Terriers

  Lhasa Apsos

  Shih Tzus

  And any other snub nosed dog breed

If you have any of the above listed breeds you should really keep them inside all the time and let them bask in the glory of the air conditioning.  This is the environment they will do best in.

If you don’t have a doggy door it can sometimes be difficult to leave your pet(s) inside for long periods while you are at work.  It can also be stressful for a dog that needs to relieve themselves but are unable to.

Play Time Pet Care offers doggy potty breaks, or, mid – day visits, which will alleviate the stress from your dog as well as the guilt you may be feeling by leaving him inside all day. Not only do you get a personal pet sitter that will let your dog out in the middle of the day, she will also play with and love your dog while she is there, making your pet a little calmer when you arrive home.

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Dog

The Arizona summers are brutal on our pets.  Don’t let your dog suffer from heatstroke.  Heatstroke in dogs is preventable if you take the appropriate precautions.

On Father’s Day, the Arizona news stations reported about a dog who’s pet owner took them hiking in the middle of the afternoon and the paramedics were brought in to help save the dog’s life.  Full article

Here are some simple rules to follow when exercising with your dog in the heat of Arizona summers:

  1. Keep all strenuous exercise activities limited to the early morning hours.  BEFORE the heat rises to above 90 degrees.

  2. Have plenty of water available for your dog during this time.

  3. Make sure you take plenty of rest breaks in the shade.

  4. Allow your dog to rest and play in the cool air conditioned house during the hottest part of the day. (From 3pm – 6pm)


As the news video explains, dog’s cooling systems are not as good as human’s.  They cool down by panting and have sweat glands in their paws, but it is not very affective.  When dogs are kept indoors, in the air conditioning, they have a hard time adapting to hot temperatures.

Keep your dogs save this summer!

Pet Sitter Offers Exercising Tips for Pet Parents in Mesa, AZ

Exercising with Fido can be tricky during the Arizona summer months. It’s too hot in the middle of the day for your pet sitter to exercise him during his potty break and the sun doesn’t go down until late in the evening leaving you to exercise Fido pretty close to bed time. So, unless you are able, and let’s be honest, willing, to get up bright and early to take Fido out for his daily exercise the summer months can be rough for both you and your dog.

Well, how hot is too hot to take Fido for a walk? There is a simple test you can do to tell if it’s too hot for Fido to go for a walk. Walk outside on the sidewalk barefoot…if you can’t stand there for more than 3 seconds without burning your feet, it’s too hot for Fido. Your pets pads can and will burn from hot cement and pavement. There is also the added element of heat exhaustion. Your dog cools himself by panting. If he can’t stop panting, that is a sign of heat exhaustion. You will need to take the necessary steps to cool your pet down, because heat exhaustion is fatal.

As a pet sitter and dog walker, it is my responsibility to know how to exercise and stimulate your pet when it’s too hot to be outside for long periods of time. Below are just a few tricks I have up my sleeve:

  • Quick potty break outside and a toss or two of the ball, then inside for some tug of war

  • Inside ball play

  • If you have a water dog…some fun with the hose, chasing the water

  • A quick dip in the pool retrieving his favorite water toy

  • Teaching a new trick – Did you know that mental stimulation can be just as good as physical exercise?

The last thing you want during the summer months is for your dog to release his excess energy on your new pillows, your comfy couch or heaven forbid, your favorite pair of shoes!

If you’d like more ideas on how to stimulate your pooch during the hot summer months you can contact us by emailing to jenna@playtimepetcareaz.com or calling us at 480-292-9735.

Hots Months of Summer

Providing pet care to many households in the Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas has proven to be a challenging job in the hot months of the summer.  Not only is it hot for us humans, running from house to house with barley enough time for our cars to cool down, but the activities we love to do with our clients changes drastically because it’s too hot to have fun outside with Fluffy & Fido.  This is why we came up with some fun summertime treats to keep our 4 legged (and sometimes 3 legged) clients cool and happy.

The first treat idea combines two things most of our pets love:  ice & people food.  Now, we are huge advocates of healthy pets, so we aren’t using people food that is bad for our clients.  This treat is entirely made up of 1 can of unsalted, cut green beans.  There are two treats we get out of the 1 can:

  1. Ice cold ice cubes

  2. Frozen green bean snacks

Who’s dog doesn’t LOVE ice cubes?  My golden retriever will munch on ice cubes until his internal temperature drops to an uncomfortable level.  Needless to say, I have to be careful with the amount of ice cubes my guy gets =)

I have also found, from personal experience, that my dogs are a little finicky about what they eat.  They don’t want fresh green beans and they don’t like eating green beans straight from the can (I don’t think they enjoy the squishy texture), BUT, if I freeze the green beans, they LOVE them.  So, not only do they get a filling, crunchy snack in the afternoon, it also keeps them from grazing between meals, and doesn’t add extra unwanted calories.

So here’s how you do it:

  • Open a can of unsalted cut green beans.

  • Squeeze the liquid from the can into an ice cube tray.

  • Put a small piece of green bean in each cube.

  • Freeze!

  • Put the green beans in a container and freeze.  When you are ready to offer your dogs their treat, just remove from the freezer, break off some green beans and have fun!  Your dogs will LOVE you for it!

    Mesa Pet Sitter

Another great idea:

    • Fill a bucket with water and some of your pets favorite toys. (You could also add treats…carrots, green beans, etc.)

    • Freeze the bucket. (You can use a myriad of things to freeze the water…milk jugs, milk cartons, plastic bottles)

    • When completely frozen, remove the huge block of ice from the bucket and place outside.

Your dogs will have an exciting time licking the ice to get to their toys.

pet sitter

What fun ideas do you have to keep your pets cool and entertained in the hot summer months?

Two Simple Ways to Tell if it’s Too Hot To Walk Your Dog

 How do you know what temperature is too hot to walk a dog?  This simple test will tell you everything you need to know.


In Arizona, we have to be mindful of the heat when walking or exercising our dogs.  The pavement can get extremely hot when the air temperature feels nice to us.  We typically don’t walk dogs once it hits 90 degrees outside.  For two reasons:

  1. Heat exhaustion

  2. Hot pavement

Your dog’s paw pads will burn and become extremely uncomfortable if walked for an extended period of time on hot pavement.  It has been proven that when the outside temperature is in the 80’s, the pavement can be as hot as 125 degrees.  When the outside temp is in the 90’s, the pavement can be as hot as 175 degrees.  Paw pads start to deteriorate at 125 degrees. When we do walk dogs, it’s early in the morning and we stay on the sidewalk and grassy areas.  The dogs have limited time on the asphalt. A simple way to know if it’s too hot is to check the pavement.  Put your hand on the pavement and if you can keep it there for 30 seconds without burning, it’s okay for you dog.  Check both the sidewalk and the asphalt.  The blacktop will undoubtedly be much hotter than the concrete. Clearly it is too hot for your dog based off the image below! Arizona summers are brutal.

Special effects courtesy of Rot N Wonderland

Reasons you may need to take your dog out in the heat of the day:

  1. You live in an apartment

  2. Your residence does not have a yard

  3. You have a vet appointment

What do you do if you have to take them out?

  1. Keep them on grassy areas

  2. Limit the time they are on sidewalks and asphalt

  3. Purchase boots for their paws

  4. Limit the amount of time they are outside

This is easy to follow if you are just taking them out to go potty.  What about exercise in the summer?  Your dog still needs it’s exercise, right? Check out a previous blog about alternative exercise in the summer.

Thank you Rot N Wonderland for your special effects!

Arizona’s First Excessive Heat Warning in 2013

Arizona’s excessive heat can leave your pets feeling a little cooped up.  Your pets don’t spend much time outside and you may be escaping the heat by going to a movie or spending the heat of the day indoors at a mall, museum, or just chilling out at home watching movies all day.   Your pet may be restless from little activity, and since you can’t play fetch, go for a walk, hike or run…what are your options?

This game will keep your treat hungry pup entertained for HOURS: