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Pet Sitter Offers Exercising Tips for Pet Parents in Mesa, AZ

Exercising with Fido can be tricky during the Arizona summer months. It’s too hot in the middle of the day for your pet sitter to exercise him during his potty break and the sun doesn’t go down until late in the evening leaving you to exercise Fido pretty close to bed time. So, unless you are able, and let’s be honest, willing, to get up bright and early to take Fido out for his daily exercise the summer months can be rough for both you and your dog.

Well, how hot is too hot to take Fido for a walk? There is a simple test you can do to tell if it’s too hot for Fido to go for a walk. Walk outside on the sidewalk barefoot…if you can’t stand there for more than 3 seconds without burning your feet, it’s too hot for Fido. Your pets pads can and will burn from hot cement and pavement. There is also the added element of heat exhaustion. Your dog cools himself by panting. If he can’t stop panting, that is a sign of heat exhaustion. You will need to take the necessary steps to cool your pet down, because heat exhaustion is fatal.

As a pet sitter and dog walker, it is my responsibility to know how to exercise and stimulate your pet when it’s too hot to be outside for long periods of time. Below are just a few tricks I have up my sleeve:

  • Quick potty break outside and a toss or two of the ball, then inside for some tug of war

  • Inside ball play

  • If you have a water dog…some fun with the hose, chasing the water

  • A quick dip in the pool retrieving his favorite water toy

  • Teaching a new trick – Did you know that mental stimulation can be just as good as physical exercise?

The last thing you want during the summer months is for your dog to release his excess energy on your new pillows, your comfy couch or heaven forbid, your favorite pair of shoes!

If you’d like more ideas on how to stimulate your pooch during the hot summer months you can contact us by emailing to jenna@playtimepetcareaz.com or calling us at 480-292-9735.

Pet Sitter’s Perspective on Puppy Socialization

Did you know that if you socialize your puppy at a young age they will grow up to be a more well rounded dog?  How do you go about socializing your new puppy?  What about an older dog that needs socialization?  Can an old dog learn new tricks?

As a pet sitting company in Mesa, AZ (also servicing Gilbert and Gold Canyon) we see unsocial dogs all the time.  Some of the behaviors we notice when we meet our new unsocial clients are:

Aggression toward new people

Hiding behind mom or dad

Raised hackles

Slow to get to know a new person

Some of these pets are great on a leash but leery of new people in their home.  Some are great with new people in their home, but act aggressive while on a walk.

How do you make sure your new puppy is socialized properly so you don’t have to worry about these issues as they get older?  How do you help your older dog be more social?

The following video offers great tips on how to ensure your pet becomes a well rounded, social dog.

So what do you do when you are busy and don’t have the time to properly socialize your dog?  Here are a few recommendations:

There are several doggy day cares to choose from.  If you enroll your puppy into doggy day care it allows them to be in a different environment and meet new dogs every day!

Taking your puppy for walks around the neighborhood and allowing them to meet new people, smell new things and explore is a great way to get them used to new things.

Seeking out social activities or pet friendly events that your dog is welcome to.

 Do you have other ideas on how to socialize a dog?  Leave your comment below…

Arizona Leash Laws

As a Mesa pet sitter it has recently come to my attention that the general public does NOT understand Arizona leash laws.

I have experienced 3 instances in the past week where dog owners are out in public spaces WITHOUT their dogs on a leash.  I’m not sure where the idea comes from…not even Ceasar Milan teaches pet parents to walk their dogs off leash.  However, apparently there is a large portion of society that thinks their dogs behave and actually listen to them when they are off leash.  While pet sitting in Mesa, I have experienced it enough to say that YOUR DOGS DO NOT CARE WHAT COMMANDS ARE COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, IF THERE IS ANOTHER DOG IN THE VICINITY, THEY WILL APPROACH IT. That is just what dogs do.  Understand the basics of dog behavior and you will understand that all dogs want to sniff other dog’s butts…and if they aren’t controlled by their “responsible” pet parent, they are going to do just that.  NO MATTER HOW LOUD YOU YELL AT THEM.

So, wearing that trusted leash around your neck while “walking your dog” in public will NOT keep your dog(s) or any other dog(s) safe.  You will not be able to get your dog to “heal” before it approaches a leashed dog with a completely stressed out parent at the other end of the leash.  (And yes, I understand there is a small portion of dogs that will not bother others while off leash.  But this is not the norm.  I don’t even know a dog trainer that will allow their dog to walk off leash unless in designated areas.)

Did you know that not every dog on a walk will have a positive reaction to seeing other dogs?  Did you know that if your unleashed dog is hurt by a dog on a leash you will be responsible for the vet bill?  Did you know that if your unleashed dog hurts a leashed dog, you will also be lawfully responsible to pay for the other dog’s vet bills?  When was the last time you read Arizona’s Leash Law?

Consider the following:

  1. It’s not fair to those that keep their dogs on leash.  It’s one thing to go to a designated dog park and let your dog off leash and something completely different going to the park down the street from your house and doing the same.  If you’re at a dog park, everyone is of the understanding that dogs will be off leash.  You can then decide on your own if you are comfortable allowing your dog to roam free or not.  At the park down the street from your house, pet parents will most likely become stressed out, wondering if the unleashed, uncontrolled dog is going to approach. This puts the pet parent and the dog at an unfair disadvantage.

  2. Your dog may do great with recall commands when you are alone at the park and there is little distraction.  It’s a completely different story when another dog comes into the picture and your dog becomes distracted…and then shockingly isn’t so good at listening.

  3. Not all leashed dogs are well trained.  Some may be aggressive and not appreciate being approached by a non-leashed dog.  That is when trouble starts.

  4. Not everyone likes dogs.  I know…hard to understand.  But, there are people and kids, that are legitimately afraid of dogs.  You don’t want to be the one contributing to their fear?  Do you?

As your Mesa pet sitter I found it my duty to share that not only is it the LAW in Arizona to keep your dog(s) leashed unless in designated areas, but it’s the responsible thing to do.  And, speaking of responsibility…pick up your dog(s) poop (that’s the law too).

Why does your east Mesa dog walking company only walk one family at a time?

The image most often thought of when you think of a dog walker is one that looks a lot like this…

Looks a little chaotic doesn’t it?  Maybe a little difficult to manage?  What if you have one dog that likes to sniff everything as they walk and others that like to chase cars, cats or other dogs?  Are you beginning to see how dangerous this type of walking can be?  So much can go wrong so fast.  There is no way the above walker has control of her “pack”.

Now take a look at an example of how your east Mesa dog walking company walks your dog…

We are so much more in control of the situation…AND she’s getting individualized attention and having a great time.

What if you have more than one dog in the household?  As long as the two dogs have similar walking styles your east Mesa dog walking company will walk them at the same time.   For instance…it’s very difficult to walk a miniature poodle and Dalmatian at the same time.  The Dalmatian wants to walk or run and the miniature poodle just doesn’t have the leg length to keep up.

What if you have a breed that is very energetic and needs a bit more than just a walk? Check out the video below to see how we exercise Harvey, a very energetic Pit Bull / Lab mix.

Every dog is different…some may do better with a little after walk play time in the backyard or inside play, running up and down the stairs.  Your east Mesa dog walking experience will be completely unique to YOUR dog and what YOUR dog needs.

Our mid day dog walking season is generally November to May.  Once it is hotter than 85 degrees we stop walking mid day.  We can provide alternatives to mid day walks when it is too hot.

How Do Pet Sitters Make Sure My Dog Gets Exercise When It’s Hot Out

Play Time Pet Care Makes Sure Your Pet Gets Their Exercise
Clients often ask us what we do with their pet in the summer to make sure they still get their exercise when it’s too hot out. This question prompted me to make a short video on how we play with pets when it’s too hot to play outside.

There are some great alternatives to outdoor, traditional, walks. Check it out…

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