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Strange Requests for Pet Sitting in Mesa AZ

Sometimes our pet sitting clients call with “strange” requests.  After the request is made it is followed up by “I’m so sorry to have to ask you to do that.”  Or “Sorry for making such a strange request”. 

To that I say, “Don’t worry about it!  No request is too strange for us :)”

An example of some recent requests we’ve had are:

Our house is on the market…could you please make sure the litter box is cleaned after every visit?  And spray Febreeze in the litter box area and surrounding area?

Our kitty is misbehaving and peeing, vomiting and pooping in strange places.  Can you please check all rooms, even the ones with the doors closed?

Can you please leave the dog in his crate during the day, but allow him free reign at night?

If there are accidents in the house, can you clean it up the best you can and “leave a square” on the spot so I know where to steam clean?

I’m expecting an important package, can you please text me when it arrives?

I’m going out of town, but don’t want my puppy to miss a training session.  Can you please take him to obedience class?

Our trip is so last minute, I don’t have enough time pick up more dog food.  Can you pick up a bag for us and we’ll reimburse you?

Our dog piddles in excitement when we first come home.  Please don’t acknowledge him when you first arrive.  Just walk out in the backyard with him so if he does piddle it’s not in the house.

Do you think any of these requests are strange?  I don’t!  EVERY family is different.  We embrace the differences in each household and are happy to accommodate in any way we can.  Don’t be afraid to make those “strange” requests with your pet sitter.  They should be more than willing to handle your requests as long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone or any pet.

What are some “strange” requests you’ve made of your pet sitter?

Mesa Pet Sitter Provides Snout to Tail Assessments

At Play Time Pet Care our pet sitters provide snout to tail assessments (as long as the pet will allow) for our clients.  Our main objective is to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while you are away.  Part of knowing if you pet is healthy is by performing regular snout to tail assessments.

Our pet sitters are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid which offers us the knowledge and experience to manage health issues.  Mesa Pet Sitter offers Canine ReikiWe begin by getting to know your pet and allowing them to become calm enough for us to hang out on the floor with them without being clobbered with kisses and playful nudges.  Then we begin with the snout to make sure it isn’t dry and cracked, then check out their breath to ensure it isn’t stinky, we move on to the ears feeling the exterior for abnormalities and checking the interior for infection and general cleanliness.  We move down the body to check for lumps and bumps, recording the size and placement of any findings.  We’ll check the spine, legs and tail.

Of course on our very first visit we won’t know what is normal or not, so we keep the assessment in our file and on every new contracted visit we will re-evaluate to see if we notice any changes.  We alert the pet parent of any changes that we have found just to bring it to their attention.  If we happen to find an ear infection we will do our best to start cleaning the ear and let the pet parent know about it on their return so they can continue treatment until the infection is cleared up.

What a great way to ensure your pets health…by having a pet sitter that is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid take care of your pets while you are away.

In Home Pet Sitter Offers Convenience

Your in home pet sitter offers you the utmost convenience by traveling to your home so you don’t have to coordinate and create time to drop off and pick up your pet from a boarding service.

Imagine arriving home from either a long weekend or two week cruise and all you have to do is get home, drop your bags and love your pets.  You don’t have to worry about:

  • Paying an extra day at the kennel if you arrive home after hours.

  • Picking up the pet waste after being gone for long periods of time, we’ve taken care of that for you.

  • Rushing out to clear out the mailbox, it’s all sitting on your counter waiting for you.

Why Should I Pay More for Your Pet Sitting Services

Did your pet sitting quote come out to be more than you expected?  Not all pet sitters are created equal.  Here is one BIG reason you may pay more for your service.

I recently spoke to a new potential client who’s current pet sitter is moving out of state.  This potential client needs to find a new live in pet sitter for her 7 dogs.  As we were speaking about price and value, we came out to be $58 more per day than the last company she worked with.  As I was “selling” her on our services she flat out stated that we don’t provide any different service than her last sitters who were cheaper.  So she wanted to know what she was getting EXTRA to validate the additional cost.

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain how we are different.  Yes, we provide similar services as other companies, we may appear to be exactly the same, but sometimes you need to experience the difference to understand what you are paying is worth every penny.  We could use the car analogy:

“When you are test driving a Nissan and a Lexus, they both get you from point A to point B. They both essentially DO the same thing.  But once you’re in it, driving it, THEN you understand what the difference is.”

For example:

We are providing overnight services for a couple who are taking a long overdue honeymoon. The last thing we want to do is call them with any emergencies.  We just want to take care of everything so they can relax.  However, Murphy’s Law says, “If it’s going to happen, it will happen when the pet sitters are in charge.”

We unfortunately had to call the dad and tell him his A/C went out.  He is working with a home warranty company (which never moves as quickly as you want them to) and it’s going to take 3 days for them to come out and evaluate the system.  In the mean time, we have 2 dogs and a kitty stuck in the home with no A/C.  One of the dogs isn’t friendly with other dogs and all our sitters have dogs of their own so we aren’t able to bring them to one of our homes (which I would do in a heartbeat).  Our only option is to keep the pets as comfortable as possible.

Mom and dad have ceiling fans, but no floor fans.  It’s still too warm out to open up all the windows to catch a breeze.  So, we brought our own floor fans, bought dog cooling pads for their dogs and brought a portable A/C unit to their house.  Although the house is a little uncomfortable for a while, with the additional fans, cooling pads, portable A/C unit and extra water the dogs are going to be just fine.  We’ve made additional visits to the house to check on the dogs (at no additional charge).


Is the extra money worth it?

I’ll let you be the judge.  We are here for our clients and their pets.  We do everything we possibly can to make their pets comfortable and to alleviate any stress this whole circumstance has produced.  We will be waiting at their house from noon to 4 pm to let the A/C repair company in.  All of this at no additional charge.

These are things that can’t be explained on the phone.  It’s a service you just have to experience for yourself to understand. This may not happen to you, but something else could and we will be there to do whatever it takes to make sure your pets are taken care of and to help alleviate as much stress as possible.

Quality Pet Sitting Offers Peace of Mind

It’s been said that “…we help make people’s dreams come true.”  This is the exact reason I started my pet sitting business.  When you work hard for your money and you take time to re-energize you should be able to do that with peace of mind, knowing your pets will be well taken care of.

What is ‘Quality’ pet sitting?  You know you’ve experience quality pet sitting when you’re away from home and you aren’t worried about the care your pet(s) are receiving.

How does Play Time ensure ‘Quality” pet sitting services?  Each of our sitters updates our clients at the very first visit.  An update is a personalized text or email message to the pet parent letting them know that we are with their ‘fur kids’ and describing the behaviors and level of happiness of their pet(s).  As long your pet isn’t camera shy, our sitters will capture a photo of your pet and send that as well, so you can see how happy your pet(s) are.  Our pet sitters will continue to provide text or email updates as often as you’d like for the duration of your absence.  THAT is quailty pet care.

What happens if our flight is delayed and we get home later than expected?  If something happens that changes your itinerary our pet sitters will continue to visit your fur family until you return.  THAT is quality pet care.

My pet has a medical condition.  What if they need to go to the hospital?  We will take your pet to your primary veterinarian unless they are not available.  In that case we will take your pet to your secondary selection.  We have all of this information in our online, centralized system…this is information YOU have provided, so you know it is accurate. Our online system is available to the administrative staff and your primary pet sitter. Your pet sitting team always has the most accurate, up – to – date information as you have provided.  THAT is quality pet care.

What happens if my primary pet sitter gets sick or is unable to visit my pets while I am away?  Play Time Pet Care is a company comprised of a team of pet sitters.  Our pet sitters are never over booked which allows them to remain less stressed and available to provide back up assistance if needed.  Our administrative staff also steps in when needed.  We are truly a team.  THAT is quality pet care.

We are professional… Professional to us means that you and your pets are our #1 priority. Your fur kids schedules become our schedules.  Once we accept a job we plan our personal activities around their schedule.   We aren’t visiting on our lunch break or before and after another job.  THAT is quality pet care.

Mesa Pet Sitter in Action

What Does My Pet Sitter Really Do At My House?

What Exactly Does My Pet Sitter Do While At My House?

Have you asked yourself this question in the past?  Ever wonder what the difference is between your friends, family or neighbor watching over your pet rather than a professional pet sitter?  Ask yourself this:

Do I know for sure that my friends, family or neighbor is spending quality time with my pets?

 Aside from the obvious of providing fresh water and food for your pets whomever is taking care of them should also be spending quality play time with them.  Even if that means belly rubs on the couch instead of ball fetching or a brisk walk around the neighborhood, maybe a quick swim in the pool for pooch is in order.  Whatever the activity may be, your “pet-sitter” should never feel obligated or burdened to spend time with your fur kids.

 At Play Time Pet Care we not only provide text or email updates, including photos, to our clients while they are gone, but we have also put together some videos to showcase our dedication to providing quality time and service to our 2 legged and 4 legged clients. After-all, for us, it’s all about Play Time!

 Visit our Youtube channel to see us in action!