Who Watches MY Dogs When I Go On Vacation?

As a pet sitter it’s hard to take time off.  Mostly because I’m needed here to watch everyone else’s pets while they go on vacation.  My holidays aren’t during normal holidays, they are usually celebrated the week before or after.  So, what DO I do when I need to get away?

I’m super blessed to have a wonderful staff that can not only take care of business, but whom I also trust caring for my own dogs when I go away.  This year my husband and I took a week long vacation to visit family and I had one of my very own pet sitters take care of my dogs.  You know what I came home to?  Well adjusted, happy dogs…

Sure they were happy to see us.  But they weren’t all frantic like no one had been around in hours.  We get a more frantic greeting by our dogs when we leave them for a couple hours during the day.  My pet sitter, the one who stayed with my dogs while we were gone, was awesome!  I got the picture updates, just like our clients do.  As a worried mommy myself, I contacted my sitter a couple times during the first few days I was away, just because I missed my kids so much.  I just wanted to check in a time or two extra and my sitter was totally fine with it.

This time we decided to have a sitter live in our house while we were gone.  Last time we went on vacation we had a sitter spend the night every other night.  I must say, experiencing this for myself, there is a HUGE difference in my dogs adjustment and behaviors when someone is living with them than when someone is just stopping by or spending the night every other night.  It was as if we never left home.  This was such a great experience for me that I am totally sold on the live in services of my own company :).

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